Wednesday 26 May 2021

Good Housekeeping Kids Cook!: 100+ Super-Easy, Delicious Recipes - Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping Kids Cook!: 
100+ Super-Easy, Delicious Recipes
ISBN 9781618372406
eISBN 9781618372888

This is one of three cookbooks my youngest daughter has picked up over the last few months. She has a passion for cooking and cooking shows. The other two were Kid in the Kitchen: 100 Recipes and Tips for Young Home Cooks by Melissa Clark and The Complete Cookbook for Young Chef from America’s Test Kitchen. When one arrives she sits down and read through cover to cover tagging every thing she wants to try on her first pass. Her best friend is into cooking as well, and currently they are planning a mother’s day feast where they will each prepare half the stuff and do a door drop and swap. The chapters in this book are:

Get Ready To Cook
Yummy Breakfasts
Lunches to Go
Super Snacks and Sips
Tasty Dinners & Sides
Sweet Treats
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As a parent and kitchen aide this is my favourite now of the three. My daughter loves all three. She has picked over 20 recipes to try from this one. Even making plans for future use. She wants to try the waffles next time we visit my brother out of town. And she wants to make the banana bread with her grandmother or aunt, because her mom already has her own recipe. There are many wonderful recipes in this volume.

This is a good cookbook to get children started off. Some interesting twists on standard recipes. Some great variations and options for switching it up. The ingredients list seems pretty standard and nothing too exotic or specialized. She loves it and has tried a few and has many more she wants to make so that makes the book a winner in my eyes. 

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