Thursday 8 July 2021

The Ultimate Kids’ Baking Book - Tiffany Dahle - 60 Easy and Fun Dessert Recipes for Every Holiday, Birthday, Milestone and More

The Ultimate Kids’ Baking Book: 
60 Easy and Fun Dessert Recipes for Every Holiday, Birthday, Milestone and More 
ISBN 9781624148781
eISBN 9781624148798

This is one of 4 books for kids in the kitchen we have picked up for my youngest daughter this year. This one her cousins already had and we picked up our own copy based on their recommendation. And my daughter had done a couple of the recipes last summer while visiting. It is a good book, and the first we have for the kids that is this focused. This one is all about baking. The chapters in this book are”

Becoming Bakers
Baking School
Sprinkle Party Time
Spring Patries
Summer Celebrations
Fall Fiesta
Winter Festivities
How to be a Party Pro

And the cooking chapters have between 10 and 15 recipes. My daughter likes the book and loves that it is a seasonal cookbook, so she plans on baking her way around the calendar. But both of us would have loved to have seen a little more diversity in the offerings. It is almost all deserts. Why not have some bread, buns, bagels, pretzels, naan, pitas, pasta …. Even if there had been one of these in each season it would have gone from a good cookbook to a great book. As it is my daughter gives it 4/5 stars and I give it 3.  

A good dessert book but not an overall baking book! A better title would have been The Ultimate Kids Dessert Book. That being said we do plan on trying the companion volume, The Ultimate Kids' Cookbook.

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