Tuesday 27 July 2021

Cold Caller - Edwin Torr - Dead Means Dead Book 2.5

Cold Caller
Dead Means Dead Book 2.5
Obolus Books

I have now read 7 of the 8 books available in the Dead Means Dead series, in under 3 weeks. And a total of 10 others under one of his other pen names. This is a very entertaining series, and this novella is an excellent offering. Torr is one of three names this author publishes under, to the best of my knowledge. But who is he really? I have read all of his adult crime novels published as J.E. Mayhew. I have read one of his Young Adult collections of short stories as Jon Mayhew. And now I have read seven under this pen name of Edwin Torr. Reaching out to the author before reading book one I believe there are 8 stories published under this name and in this series. There are three novels and 5 novella’s or short stories to date. After finishing this I only have 1 novel to go. And since it has been a few years, there are no indications there will be more stories in this series, at least anytime soon. 

This really is a very fun story in what in an immensely entertaining series. While reading this series, I cannot help but think about Cedar Sanderson’s The Groundskeeper Raking Up the Dead and Zombie Death Extreme Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian all three authors approaches are very differently the stories are somewhat similar and just as enjoyable and memorable. And yes I have stated that with each review! 

As I have said this story is incredibly entertaining. The main stories in this series focus on a young man named Tom Coffin; he is a Specialist Funeral Director. His job is to put the undead back in the ground. Coffin’s mode of transport is a car called Persephone, a Jaguar XJ hearse a 1995 model, a vehicle that looks like the offspring of a family station wagon and the Popemobile. The description of this book is:

““It’s my ex-boyfriend. He keeps phoning me and telling me that he wants to get back with me and we should be together. I keep explaining that he’s dead and it wouldn’t work but…”

Tom Coffin just wants to curl up and nurse his rotten cold but an undead stalker and a lost zombie dog won’t let him. But where is the cold caller? And why is he making threatening phone calls to some very heavy-duty villains? Villains that become interested in Coffin and make a bad day worse. Another intriguing and fast-paced short adventure from the Dead Means Dead series.”  

I honestly cannot put these books down. It is only an immense effort and great will power that has prevented me from reading these books straight through. I typically alternate one fiction and then a non-fiction. And it was not easy to pause between these stories. And I have recommended these books to over a dozen friends already, even during a lockdown and social distancing. 

Tom Coffin is an amazing character, and honestly one I am sorry to know has a limited run. As a Specialist Funeral Director, he deals with the odd, strange, and unusual. So a zombie dog, sorry Litch, Tom does not like the ‘Z’ word. And a dead guy making phone calls and sending inappropriate pics. Throw in a hypochondriac pet owner, a bit of a mob boss, and a disturbing discover and you have an excellent read. 

Tom at his best, this is another great awesome read in a wonderful series!  

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