Wednesday 21 July 2021

Heat of the Lava Dragon - Tracey West and Graham Howells - Dragon Masters Book 18

Heat of the Lava Dragon
Dragon Masters Book 18
Tracey West (Author)
Graham Howells (Illustrator)
ISBN 9781338635478
eISBN 9781338635454

This is book 18 but we have reread a few of the volumes, making it the 28th time we have read a book in the series. And we eagerly await the few volumes that have been announced. And this volume returns to the original illustrator Graham Howells. He has illustrated books for dozens of series. Occasionally my youngest daughter will comment on a new illustrator. She recognized the name and was very excited to see the pictures this time around. For some reason there was a long delay between the release of the print edition and the eBook. And since we have all the others as eBooks we waited for it in that format. And we have preordered the next 3 volumes, Wave of the Sea Dragon book 19, Howl of the Wind Dragon book 20, and Bloom of the Flower Dragon book 21. But back to this volume. 

The description of this volume is:

“Evil wizard Astrid has trapped Drake's friends in stone and she is getting closer to casting an even more dangerous spell! To stop her, Drake and Ana travel in search of Ka, a mysterious and greatly feared Lava Dragon. But who is Ka's Dragon Master? Can a young girl find the dragon and stop Astrid -- before it's too late?Graham Howells's expressive black-and-white illustrations bring the action to life in this exciting series!”

And we could not agree more, wonderful illustrations, in a great story in a fantastic series. This story is very different than many of the others, especially the more recent stories. In some ways it feels like a calm before a story. And boy, what a cliff hanger. My daughter often reads through the chapter titles before beginning, and guesses what might happen. The chapters this time are:

Worm Needs Help
A Strong Connection
Stop Astrid!
Three Dragons
No Dragons Allowed!
The First Lava Dragons
The Dragon Rock
Hot and Cold
Attack the Dragons!
The Ahi Stone
Angry and Afraid
Ka’s Promise
A New Dragon Master
News from Navid

This book is a great addition to the story of the Dragon Masters. The Dragon Masters of King Rolland’s court and their friends from both near and afar are working together to counter the greatest threat yet. But they are on a quest to find 3 dragons that they have not encountered yet, and greatly desiring to help friends in need.  
A great read in a wonderful series. 

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