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Cotton Candy - Edwin Torr - Dead Means Dead Book 1.3

Cotton Candy
Dead Means Dead Book 1.3
Obolus Books

When I finished this I had read 3 of the 8 available in this series. And a total of 8 others under one of his other pen names. I picked this up after reading Demons, which I picked up right after finishing, Blood, Bone and Coffin, and know I will read all 8 that are currently available. I picked up the three short stories that fall between books 1 and 2 in the series. And before I had finished all three, I picked up the remaining books in the series. It is such a fun series. Torr is one of three names this author publishes under. But who is he really? I have read all of his adult crime novels published as J.E. Mayhew. I have read one of his Young Adult collections of short stories as Jon Mayhew. And now three under this pen name of Edwin Torr. Reaching out to the author before reading that one I believe there are 8 stories published under this name and in this series. There are three novels and 5 novella’s or short stories to date. And though this is the third. It is a really fun story in what is proving to be an immensely entertaining series. While reading this series, I can not help but think about Cedar Sanderson’s The Groundskeeper Raking Up the Dead and Zombie Death Extreme Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian all three authors approaches are very different the stories are somewhat similar and just as enjoyable and memorable. 

As stated this story is very entertaining. This story does not focus around a young man named Tom Coffin; he is a Specialist Funeral Director. His job is to put the undead back in the ground. Coffin’s mode of transport is a car called Persephone, a Jaguar XJ hearse a 1995 model, a vehicle that looks like the offspring of a family station wagon and the Popemobile. This one focus on a young woman we encountered in Demons. The description of this book is:

“After nearly being sacrificed to a demon in her adventures with Tom Coffin, Specialist Funeral Director, Teri Much is sent to the dreary town of Scalby-on-Sea by her mother. The idea is to escape from the rough and tumble of city life and to run from her memories of the undead. But there are some things you just can’t run from. They seek you out. After meeting the beautiful and exciting Scarlett, Teri has a choice to make that will change her life forever. Another story from author Edwin Torr's Dead Means Dead Urban Fantasy Series.”  

This story is available as a standalone, and it is now available as an add on it the book Demons. It is an excellent story. A young woman, who has been marked by her encounter with the supernatural, as she was warned. And Some things are just not what they appear. What could go wrong when you meet a girl on the boardwalk with cotton candy, beer, a stolen car, and a robbery. A lot of action for a short story. A great story in a fun series.
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