Wednesday 4 May 2022

Holy Spirit Pocket Rosary - Paracord Rosary - Catholic Milestones Product Review

Holy Spirit Pocket Rosary
Paracord Rosary
Catholic Milestones 

This is the second Rosary from Catholic Milestones that I have now. I have been using the Black Armour of God Paracord Rosary with Stone Our Father Beads over 4 years. I decided I wanted to pick up one of the all stone pocket Rosaries, I decided upon the Holy Spirit Pocket Rosary. The description of this one is:

“Enameled Trinity Crucifix in a beautiful deep blue matched with Sodalite stone beads on midnight blue paracord.”

There are several things I appreciate about this company and this Rosary. First it is a Canadian company and a small family run business. Both of the rosaries I have from them are excellent. Great quality, well made. And built to last. Prior to picking up the first I had been seeing paracord rosaries online for a while. A number of them have caught my attention. But shipping from the US has always been prohibitive. And with the added risk of huge customs charges. But holding this one, was the first time I had to really feel the weight and heft of one of these rosaries. This one being all stone weighs a little more than the 5 decade one with just stone for the Our Father beads. This one does not have as much give so it will not work as well with gloves on, my other model is excellent for praying a Rosary on a winter walk. 

I wanted to use this one right away. However I waited until I could have it blessed at mass. Paracord Rosaries are known to be strong, durable, and for the fact that they will not tangle. They are perfect to carry in your backpack or bag. The pocket model is great for conceal carry, and I love the weight and presence of it in my pocket. 

With it being 2022 and having only been in the office twice in over 2 years I like this smaller version of the rugged rosary. 

My children loved this rosary, almost as much as my full sized one, and I will need to plan to get each of them one over the next year. My son wants one for school he currently prays using a Rosary ring almost every day. These are beautifully crafted, but also made to stand up to heavy use. Over the years I have given away dozens of rosaries. If someone commented that they like the one I was using I passed it on. But over the years I have also had many, many rosaries that broke just with daily use. That will not be the case with one of these paracord rosaries. These are wonderful for personal use or to give as beautiful gifts. As I have stated before, I love that it is a Canadian company. If you are in the market for a new rosary for yourself or for a gift you cannot go wrong with one from this company!

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