Wednesday 10 January 2018

Black Armour of God Paracord Rosary with Stone Our Father Beads

Black Armour of God Paracord Rosary with Stone Our Father Beads
Paracord Rosary
Catholic Milestones

I have been seeing paracord rosaries online for a while now. A number of them have caught my attention. But shipping from the US has always been prohibitive. Plus taking the risk of huge customs charges. But holding this one, was the first time I had to really feel the weight and heft of one of these rosaries. When I opened the package, I wanted to use it right away. But I waited until I could have it blessed the next day at mass.

The description of this specific rosary on their website is:

“The original battle ready Catholic Milestones Armour of God Paracord Rosary.

Genuine Jasper Stone Our Father beads are a perfect accent to synthetic black coloured beads.  A powerful combination. Order yours today.  The Saint Benedict medal is included, and the Via Crucis crucifix features the stations of the cross on the back.

Paracord Rosaries are strong, durable, and will never tangle.  Perfect to carry in your backpack or bag.”

And it more than lives up to those statements. It is by far my largest rosary. And it is not a pocket rosary, unless you are always in cargo pants of shorts. But there are some advantages to the size of this rosary.

(See picture for comparison. The four rosaries are:
The Paracord Rosary
A handmade stone rosary from a friend.
A tiger’s eyes gem from my wife for our wedding.
A rope rosary I carry in my pocket.)

This rosary is not a lot longer, but it is much more solid. I walk in the winter a lot. This one has large enough beads that I can pray it while walking with my gloves on. One-day last week it was -15 C and while walking at lunch I was able to pray this rosary. I have prayed with this rosary many times over the last few weeks. I know that it will be one I use often. I carry a small rosary in my pocket, but this one will stay in my work laptop backpack.

My children loved this rosary and I will need to plan to get each of them one over the next year. These are beautifully crafted, but also made to stand up to heavy use. Over the years I have given away dozens of rosaries. If someone commented that they like the one I was using I passed it on. But over the years I have also had many, many rosaries that broke just with daily use. That will not be the case with one of these paracord rosaries. These would make beautiful gifts. And I love that it is a Canadian company. If you are in the market for a new rosary for yourself or for a gift you cannot go wrong with one from this company!

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