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The Apostles and Their Times - Mike Aquilina - Archeology, History, and Scripture Unveil What Life Was Really Like During the Apostolic Age

The Apostles and Their Times:
Archeology, History, and Scripture Unveil What Life Was Really Like During the Apostolic Age
Mike Aquilina
Sophia Institute Press
ISBN 9781622824601
eISBN 9781622824618

I read this book over the span of a week last summer. It was a book I wanted to rip through, but the content is so good that I slowed down and took my time.  This book was previously published under the title, 'Ministers and Martyrs', but I had not read that version. Doing a quick comparison between the two versions and the chapters are the same names, and the forward in this edition is a little longer, but the introduction nearly identical. The chapters in the book are:

Foundation Stones
The Apostles: Those Who Are Sent
Pentecost: The Church Is Born
A New Revelation of God
Disturbing the Priests
The Crown of Martyrdom
Saul the Persecutor, Paul the Apostle
The Next Generation
Last Things

As someone who graduated with a Religious Studies Degree and who specialized in Roman Catholic Studies, I greatly enjoyed this book. In fact there were a number of courses that I did over my university career that I believe this book would be a great fit for either as part of the required readings or the recommended readings to go further on the topics of the course. Reading books my Mike are always a little more work. They are not the fluff of a lazy Sunday afternoon read like Henri Nouwen, There is a great deal of substance in this book. Nor is he like evangelical Max Lucado where after you have read a few of his books they all seem the same, or rehash of old material. In fact with each new book that I read by Aquilina I have a greater appreciation for him as an author and scholar. No this book is a thoroughly researched and in depth study of the apostles and their times. Now I am not stating that this book cannot be read by a layperson. To be honest my argument would be to the opposite, I believe that every Catholic, every Christian would benefit from reading this book. But that it is a more thorough, deep, and serious study of the subject and not just a shiny glossy presentation easy to read but lacking in substance. 

I am a bit of a Pauline studies addict. The chapter 'Saul the Persecutor, Paul the Apostle' was an exceptional read. I would dearly love to see Mike write an entire book on Paul to add to the Pauline studies canon. And this chapter could serve as the beginning. I would greatly appreciate Aquilina's penetrating insight focused on this subject in a deeper fashion than this excellent chapter.

For where I sit as a Catholic in the pews, and living in the world, one of the most powerful chapters in the book was the chapter on 'Communion'. For communion is so central to our life as Catholics, and should be for all who call themselves followers of Christ. This chapter looks at the Jewish roots, and both the Hebrew and Greek understanding of this relationship and its importance. 

This book was an excellent read and I do believe that all who would follow Christ would benefit from understanding the early years of our tradition. It is another incredible book from the pen of Mike Aquilina. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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