Saturday 27 January 2018

Product Review Speck Candy Shell Case iPhone 7/6S/6

Speck Candy Shell Case
iPhone 7/6S/6
ASIN B01K0945X8

I have been using Speck phone cases for almost 10 years now. I started with the Speck Candy Shell on my iPhone 4 and eventually switched to the Candy Shell Grip. I have owned this case for iPhone 4/5/6/6s and now 7. It has never let me down. I have used a few different color options with this case. The pictures attached to this review show a Black case that is almost 6 years old and a while one that is approaching 2 years.

I have had the misfortune of dropping a phone a few times. It has slipped out of my hands, my holster has broken and fallen to the ground. Or slipped when pulling it out of the holster. I have never seen physical damage on any of the devices protected by these cases. One time I replaced a case because of a big scratch on the case. When I took it out the phone looked brand new.

Prior to using this style case I had tried a number of cases with a number of different devices. And to be honest this is the best case I have ever used. I have been impressed with it, raved about it and finally decided to write a review about it.

The features I like best about this case are:
1. The rubber lip prevents the glass from sitting directly in surface
2. The 'grip' design of the rubber ridges on the back
3. Between the ridges on back and lip around the front this case will not slide, it does not slide on leather, dashboards, pillow … when you put it down it stays where you put it.
4. The drop test rating has lived up to the promise across a number of cases

If you are looking for a case for your phone check out the Speck line. They are worth every penny!

(Note: black case is the 6/6s and white case is the 7/6S/6)

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