Thursday 25 January 2018

The Faith Of A Child Or In This Case Children

The Faith Of A Child
On This Case Children

I am often amazed by the faith my children exhibit. I find that I am encouraged by it, inspired by it,and often challenged by it. My son is awaiting a medical procedure. A few weeks ago he came home having drawn his own copy of a divine mercy painting. 

His sister loved it so much he made one for her. 

I believe they are modeled after the one in our church. 

He also did an advent wreath this year in school in chalk.

 And last year did a nativity. 

I love when my children pray, and especially when it is spontaneous. after at bed time when i pray over them they ask to pray for others. Or when we see emergency vehicles with sirens and lights on they immediately pray in the car, for what ever the situation is.

Last week my son was visiting his grandmother who is sick. He was ready to leave, but took off his boots, went back to the living room, put his hands on my mother-in-laws head and prayed for healing for her. 

I try and learn from their faith and trust. And I try and model and teach them the practice of our faith. But I am amazed by the faith the three of them exhibit. 

Praise be to you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

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