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Dragon Assassin 11 The Golden Spear - Arthur Slade - Dragon Assassin Book 11

Dragon Assassin 11: The Golden Spear
Arthur Slade
Dava Enterprises

Wow! This story was action from beginning to end. Before we get into the review proper here are some musings from a bibliophile. This is the second time this series has been expanded. Twice I thought we were at the conclusion, and now this is the first of 2 more books. It is beginning to feel like Douglas Adams trilogy, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, of 6 books. Or like Piers Anthony’s Xanth which started as a trilogy and now has 45 books in print and 3 more announced. As a fan of Slade’s works and specifically of this series, I am thankful, and may this series run for many, many, many more volumes. Anthony has stated he will now write Xanth novels as long as he is alive, and may Slade write Dragon Assassin and Amber Fang novels till he parts.

The first 8 books make a complete story and are excellent reads. Then the next two books make a story and go in a completely different direction. This one begins with a mysterious attack that nearly takes out both Carmen and Braxx. And they soon find out there have been multiple attacks, around the whole world. Half the Kings, Queen’s and rulers on Ellos are taken out before anyone really knows what is going on. A mysterious woman on a silver dragon of unknown species attack with a magical golden spear is the attacker. She has the ability to appear and disappear through red smoke. Her attacks can come from anywhere and he spear returns to her as if on command. Brax is severely wounded, and Carmen is given the quest of finding out who the woman is and ending her. But first her brother, her friend Megan and Thord, he who has a bear’s heart head off after the killer. 

This series has a lot of action, and a fair number of twists. And this book tops them all. The writing is clean and crisp. The pace is breakneck. And it will absolutely leave you desperate for the next volume, Deathwings. It is another excellent story for the masterful and ever entertaining pen of Arthur Slade.

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