Friday 29 April 2022

Sink or Swim - Sarah Mlynowski - Whatever After Book 3

Sink or Swim
Whatever After Book 3
Sarah Mlynowski
eISBN 9780545540278

This is the tenth time I have read a story in this series. About 6 years ago I read a few of these stories with my oldest. Now my youngest is reading them to me, and her sister has handed down the first several stories in the series. For some reason we skipped this story when I was reading them with my oldest. But so far it is one of my youngest daughter’s favourite story. These stories have great staying power. Even as an adult I can enjoy these books, not only the first time but rereading them again and again.

Mlynowski does aa great job with this book and with all we have read in the series. My oldest was a reluctant reader. Back then when we read, I would read two pages for every page she read to me. Later she read a few of the books in the series to her aunt and gram on a road trip. And She got to the point where she could rip through one of these in a few sittings. Our whole family loves these stories from 10-year old’s to 79 year old’s. It is a wonderful series. 

It was interesting reading this one for the first time with my youngest. Usually I have an idea of what is coming, and can answer her pressing questions. Not this time. It is another excellent take on a familiar fairy tale. My daughter’s favourite parts were the mermaid being taught to read and write. And that he sisters and father stepped up and saved her from the Witch, and in a very surprising way. There was far more humour in this story than some of the others. It was a really fun read.

The writings in this story and the whole series is excellent. My daughters and I love reading them together. And again in this one the retelling of this story is full of surprises. It is a great book in an excellent series. My daughter wishes she could give it more than 5 stars. 

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