Tuesday 11 June 2024

I Want ... A Poem by Zoey McEvoy

I want …

Locked away in a tower,
Watching days drift by hour by hour
Keeping myself busy painting, reading, some candle making

I want to know
I want to go

Mother goes out but here I’m staying
Dreaming of lanterns which leave me awaking
All to do but only one thing to see

I want to go 
I want to grow
I want to see

My hairs length would leave you stopping to stare
Some sort of magic so rare
The ability to heal
Barely feeling real
Long and luscious, they want to steal
When I sing my special song, the power is released

I want to leave
I want to explore 
I want to see
I want so much more

He climbs my tower
Thinking it’s mother, I let my hair down
He appears at the sill
Frightened at first
I smack him, pan in hand
He awakes tied in my hair, offers me a deal

I want to leave
I want to go
I want to love
I want to see
I want freedom

- Z.E. McEvoy
May 2024

My 13 year old daughter had to write a poem for a school assignment, from the perspective of Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled. This was that Poem. I really liked it and asked for permission to share it.

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