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The Bible in a Year Companion Volume II Days 121-243 - Fr. Mike Schmitz and Jeff Cavins - Ascension Press

The Bible in a Year Companion 
Volume 2 Days 121-243
Kara Logan
ISBN 9781954881150
eISBN 9781954881167

I completed the Bible in a Year in 2021. Then early in 2022 I attended the The Bible in a Year Retreat, and absolutely loved it. When I found out about the three volumes of companions for the Bible in a year I picked up Volume I Days 1-120 right away. The eBook only released a day or two before it began for this volume and for Volume III it was available several days early. I was surprised by where the splits came. They did not split the year equally in 3, or break them at ends of periods. That is the only thing odd of off about these books. Other than that I find them excellent resources for working through the Bible in a Year, following along with Father Mike and the Ascension Podcasts. I really believe that these volumes make the Bible in a Year an even better experience. 

The description of this volume states:

“The Bible in a Year Companion guide takes Catholics through the award-winning Bible in a Year podcast with summaries, transcripts of Fr. Mike’s daily prayers, and extra content for each episode. It’s the perfect way to remember what you’re hearing, as well as learn even more about each part of Scripture!

The Companion presents daily content for each episode of the podcast, including:

- The proprietary Bible in a Year Reading Plan
- Reflect on the Word, where readers will find a summary of the key points and highlights of Fr. Mike’s commentary on the daily readings
- Take It to Prayer, where Catholics will be able to pray the daily prayer alongside Fr. Mike and the rest of the BIY community
- Dive Deeper, which features unique content surrounding each day’s readings, from images and Q&As to prayer prompts and ways to live out the Scriptures in real life

In addition to the daily content, each time period will have a Time Period Introduction and Review. Written by Jeff Cavins, these will help Catholics to know what to look for in the days ahead, and to recall what has happened in the days completed.

Volume II of The Bible in a Year Companion covers Days 121–243 of The Bible in a Year podcast. For Days 1–120, visit here, and for Days 244–365, keep an eye out for Volume III, which will be announced and available in summer 2022. If you’re going through the podcast starting on January 1, 2022, it will be available before you need it!

This sought-after guide to the award-winning podcast The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)TM featuring Jeff Cavins is coming to you thanks to many collaborators including:

Fr. Mike Schmitz
Jeff Cavins
Bobby Semendy
Members of the Ascension Catholic Bible Studies Facebook group
Kara Logan
& many more!”

And father Mike states at the end of the introduction of the first volume:

“I believe that this Bible in a Year Companion is a great tool to take you deeper. It is one thing to be exposed to the Story, but it is another to remember it. This Companion will help those who are so quick to forget—which is all of us! … In this world, where we are so tempted toward distraction and distress, we now have a resource to understand how the story of salvation unfolds and how we can fit into that story today.”

And towards the end of the introduction to this volume he states:

“We have been through a lot over these first hundred days or so. We have been challenged quite a bit. God has confronted us with his true character. God has revealed to us who he is. He has revealed a heart for those who are lost. In addition, we have seen the fickleness and failings of God’s Chosen People—as well as our own.

And yet, just like the people of Israel, we keep walking. Our journey with the Lord continues. We have learned that perseverance is more important than perfection. So we keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

Each time period begins with an introduction by Jeff Cavins. This is where Jeff explains the colour of that period, what it means and why. He gives a brief overview of key events, people, and changes from period to period. And each period ends with a recap and summary from Jeff. Each day has a two page spread. The first page Had the Day number and title, and a section called Reflect on the Word. The Second page has the Passages read at the top and two more sections; Take It To Prayer and Dive Deeper. A sample day is:

Day 126: David’s Victories

Reflect on the Word
• At first, the twelve tribes of Israel were a loose federation.
• In 2 Samuel 8, we see that David works to bring the twelve tribes together in a united kingdom. He seeks to accomplish this by conquering the nations around them.
• There is a reason the stories of Saul and David are repeated in Chronicles: their author, Ezra, writes of the past to give the people a vision for the future—with a king and Temple worship.
• Ezra seeks to give Israel a clear sense of God’s presence, both in the past and the present.
• He reminds them of their pedigree, of where they came from. He writes not only about David but of the other mighty men of the time.
• One of these men is Uriah the Hittite, the husband of Bathsheba, with whom David will commit adultery. David will arrange for Uriah to die in battle.
• The events described in the Bible are not incidental or arbitrary. They are meant for our direction, our education, and our vision.
2 Samuel 8, 1 Chronicles 10–11, Psalm 60

Take It to Prayer
Father in heaven, we give you praise, and we do know that with you we can do valiantly. Without you we can do nothing. If we remain in you, then all things are possible. If we remain in you, then we can bear fruit, fruit that will last. And yet if we remove ourselves from you, if we remove ourselves from your presence and from your power and from your help and from your holiness, then there is nothing that we can do. We can bear no fruit, and we can make no difference in our lives. So we need you, God, not only for our existence, but also for perseverance. We need you not only for fruitfulness but also for faithfulness. So please, Lord God, help us to be faithful and fruitful. Help us to persevere and to be yours forever. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Dive Deeper
By recounting their past, Ezra reminds the Israelites of God’s presence then and in the present. In your prayer today, recall a significant moment in your relationship with God that reminded you of his presence. Thank the Lord for his presence in your life.”

It is an excellent resource. Most days I have listened to the podcast in the morning. And then on my first coffee break at work, I read through the two pages for that day. I love praying the prayer that Father Mike prayed that day, and I love the going deeper sections. I believe this is a must have resource to support your Bible in a Year journey. This is my second time through the podcast, and I see it being an annual journey going forward. If you are listening to the BIAY pick this up as a supplement to that adventure. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

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