Saturday 8 October 2022

One Day Songs Of Hope And Joy - Father Nigel Woollen

One Day Songs Of Hope And Joy
Father Nigel Woollen

I have read three books by Father Nigel Woollen and been blessed by each of them. Over the last few years he has occasionally shared short pieces of his music, offered as prayer, reflection and encouragement. Especially during lock downs and the pandemic. When I heard that he had an album out I picked up a digital copy immediately. I have been listening to it for nearly a week now. I have it on low in the background during my day at work. And have listened to it in the car. I have shared it with my two youngest children. Both of who love it. 

The Tracks are:

1. Father, in your Will (2:40)
2. You are our King (2:16)
3. One Day (2:44)
4. Veni Sancte Spiritus (2:59)
5. Our Father (2:33)
6. The Lord is my Shepherd (1:52)
7. Your Face (2:41)
8. Kind Heart (2:46)
9. Live for Ever (1:48)
10. Troparion (1:51)
11. We praise you, Lamb of God (3:17)
12. Cast all your Worries (3:38)
13. Anima Christi (2:38)
14. Give us some Peace (4:58)
15. Man of Dreams (2:19)
16. Hail, Holy Queen (4:08)

The total play time comes in at 45 minutes. It is available as CD direct from Fr Nigel, and on the big streaming platforms. You can listen to it on his site as well as: 

This is one of those albums I know will find playing in my rotation often. The style reminds me of John Michael Talbot and Michael Card. For the most part it is just guitar and father, at least 1 track has background piano or keyboard. Some of my favourite tracks are the title track One Day, Your Face, We Praise You Oh Lord and Hail Holy Queen. But to be honest there is not a song on the album I could not listen to over and over again.

This is a great album. I encourage you to pick up the disk or add it to a play list on your streaming platform. I highly recommend it.
Books by Nigel Woollen:
The Lamb Will Conquer: Reflections on the Knock Apparition
Learning to Love: Journeys Through Life with the Rosary
The Father Wants To Heal You: A Retreat with the Lord’s Prayer

Music by Father Nigel:

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