Saturday 15 October 2022

Destiny - Declan Finn - Saint Tommy NYPD Book 9

Saint Tommy, NYPD Book 9
Declan Finn
ISBN 9798813162190
eISBN 9798201832506

This series just gets better and better! I have read 13 books by Declan Finn in the last few months, and 1 prior to that. I have loved what I have read to date. And I have plans to read all that I can lay my hands on. Both the Saint Tommy and the White Ops series are greatly entertaining, and I cannot wait for the Pius trilogy of 5 books to be back in print. This is a great story in an always entertaining series. These books took me completely by surprise, and I find that I am surprised again with each new novel. They are masterfully written. The description of this story is:

“When Heathen terrorists try to slaughter him and his family while on vacation in Rome, NYPD Lieutenant Thomas Nolan must call upon every trick he knows to send the terrorist leader back to Hell.”

I believe that is the shortest description in the series. But do not let that brevity fool you! But after 8 books maybe the author and publisher knows that readers are hooked! This story is a little more straight forward and follows 1 main plot from beginning to end, unlike the previous two offerings that each had a lot going on. It starts with Tommy and his family on vacation and trying to leave Venice, they are delayed at the airport and this go downhill very fast! They soon realize that the man that Tommy and Jeremy and Lena have been hunting for a few years now is likely behind it. But it hints at a much bigger plot. 

Tommy and Bokor end up teaming up again as partners,, the Boker working off his redemption. And this time they have Jeremy and Lena, XO, and others as back up. The battles this time include, a former Jesuit Doctor Roberto D’Almeida, a giant bronze statue, Vodyanoy, an armoured fire breathing bear, necrophage’s, bruxa and of course Bergolio!

This story is packed full of action. Sort of Like a Die Hard film with the whole family in on the action. From beginning to end the story races it leaves you wanting to jump into the next story right away. Finn again does an excellent job of weaving current events into this Catholic Action Horror novel. The characters are masterfully written. Wondering what will happen to them next leaves you hanging big time!

I have now read books from three different series by Finn and can say I enjoyed them all. The books in this series should be read in order as they are a continuous story. I can easily recommend this book and these stories to mature readers. Finn does a masterful job of blending faith and fiction and thereby crafting excellent stories! It is an intense story in a great series. One of the best instalments to date!  

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

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