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Principle Necromancy - Declan Finn - Saint Tommy NYPD Book 6.5

Principle Necromancy
A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story #2
Saint Tommy, NYPD Book 6.5
eISBN 9798215619414

This is one of three short stories set in the Saint Tommy NYPD world that released just before the final novel. It fits into the Saint Tommy Story arc between books 6 and 7. There are four published short stories in the series, but of the three new ones, I reached out to Finn to find out where they would fit in the series:

They Burn Witches, Don't They 
      (between Lupus Dei and City of Shadows)
Principle Necromancy 
      (between Deus Vult and Coven)
      (after book 12, Blue Saint)

But this story is a little different. It also appears in book 10 Lightbringer, as chapter 8. As I was reading it I was expecting more information, or a different point of view. After reading I pulled the two up side by side and did a quick comparison. Other than chapter 8 starts with “Ten Years Earlier” I did not see a difference. That being said, reading this event as a standalone short story as opposed to a chapter in a novel brought some of it home in a more powerful way.

The description of this story is:

“When NYPD transplant Thomas Nolan stopped a writer from assaulting a film director, he thought it was another day in Rome.

But he was led there by the scent of evil, and an irked author was the least of the problems in set. The leading lady hides in the shadows, the lead is a fugitive, and the screenplay author may lack a pulse.

Tommy knew Hollywood was murder, but he hoped the victims at least stayed dead.”

I love the use of his own novel A Pius Man, and that the Pius trilogy of 5 books is mentioned occasionally throughout this series. This story begins with:

“While I had seen many bizarre things during my time with the NYPD, watching an author working over a director with a copy of one of his own books was somewhere in the top twenty.

The writer wound up for another swing. “Chibnall! You blithering idiot!”
Even though I was not in my jurisdiction, I was still technically on the job. I strode over and caught the wrist as it swung for the director. The director, Chibnall, took the opportunity to run.

The author gave me a glare that would have probably intimidated most people. The people I’ve arrested were far more colorful. His eyes were marble blue and surprisingly hard for someone who sat around writing all day. His blond hair was cut short, almost like he was going for a military buzz cut. For all I know, he did it himself.

“Si?” he asked.

I answered him, “You should stop.”

He looked me up and down. “Ha bad suit. Good walking shoes. Cop?”

I gave him a slow smile and released his wrist. “Detective Thomas Nolan, NYPD.”

He arched a brow and gave a slight nod. “Matthew Kovach. Just NY. What brings you to Rome? Vacation?” Kovach looked me up and down. “No. Those aren’t vacation clothes. Intelligence?””

And having seen pictures of Finn I could easily see him beating a person with a book! Reading this story as a short story was powerful. Tommy deals with a vampire, the undead, and even a necromancer. He uses a Charism that he had used once before. And this time it has a surprising effect on the director. 

This is an excellent short story, if you are reading the St Tommy books in chronological order you will revisit it in a few works. If you have already read the whole series of novels, pick it up and see what trouble Tommy gets up to on a movie set. For any fans of the Saint Tommy series this is a great story and piece of the canon. An excellent short read!    

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

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