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Mr Mumbles - Barry Hutchinson - Invisible Fiends Book 1

Mr Mumbles
Invisible Fiends Book 1
ISBN 9780007315154
eISBN 9780007358274

Several months before reading this I encountered the works of J.D. Kirk I also discovered that Kirk publishes children’s books as Barry Hutchison, and other adult fiction as Barry J. Hutchison. I have read 19 stories published under the Kirk Name and am now branching out to the ones under the Hutchinson names. This is the third I have read under Hutchinson. He is coming up on 175 books across the three pen names. If I had known that or I might not have picked up this first one. Friends call me a ‘completionist’ in that when I find an author I like, I try to read everything they have published. I have enjoyed all I have read from his pen and this one was no different.

The description of this novel is:

“Kyle’s imaginary friend from childhood is back… with a vengeance.

Kyle hasn't seen Mr Mumbles in years. And there's a good reason for that: Mr Mumbles doesn't exist.

But now Kyle's imaginary friend is back, and Kyle doesn't have time to worry about why. Only one thing matters: staying alive…

A major series from a fresh new talent, brought to you by the publisher that put horror on the map.”

The story focuses on Kyle, his mother and his Grand Mother. There is also his estranged father that he has never met. And a strange girl who comes to his assistance named Ameena, she is apparently moving into the abandoned and believed haunted house next to Kyle and his mum. And of course the title character Mr Mumbles, he was Kyles imaginary friend when he was much younger, and he appears to be back, and interacting with the real world. He is set on revenge for being abandoned. He is bigger, meaner and on a rampage. Can Kyle figure out what is really going on, and does he have the tools and ability to stop it. At one point he is warned that this is a test and the first of a series if he finds a way to survive. 

These stories were originally published between 2010 and 2014. They predate any of his published works as J.D. Kirk. There are 6 stories in this series, and it appears to be a completed story arc. The story reminds me of Neil Gaimen’s Coraline and also of Tony Abbot’s The Haunting of Derek Stone series. It would not be a book I would recommend for all Middle Grade Readers or even some tweens. It really pulls of the horror for younger readers. It is a dark story with some very interesting twists. And it looks like it should be an excellent series. It was an great read and I look forward to exploring more books for younger readers under the pen name of Barry Hutchinson.  

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