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Rescued! True Stories for Catholic Kids - Kathryn Griffin Swegart - Catholic Stories for Kids Book 3

Rescued! True Stories for Catholic Kids
Catholic Stories for Kids Book 3
Kathryn Griffin Swegart
John Henry Folley (Illustrator)
ISBN 9798819428108

I picked this book up without reading the description of any review. I have so enjoyed other books from Kathryn that I had no doubt this would be excellent, and it was. This is the sixth book by Kathryn that I read and a few of them have been read multiple times.  This book is an excellent read. I love this book and this series. To be honest both series I have read by Kathryn are excellent. I picked this book up to read with my kids and started reading it one day after work before they were home. I am looking forward to rereading it with my youngest two. 

So right off the top, even though this book was written with children as the target audience it can be enjoyed by readers of any age. And it will inspire an, encourage, and stoke up the faith of any believer. In our house it is being enjoyed by readers from 11 to 53 years of age.

In the introduction Kathryn states:

“One of the stories that you will read in Rescued! is the inspiring story of Donn Fendler, a twelve-year-old boy who survived nine days alone on Mt. Katahdin in the wilderness of northern Maine. After an intense search, rescue teams gave him up for lost. Surely, he had fallen off a cliff or into a deep crevice. Yet, against all odds, Donn persevered with faith and courage. After his rescue, Donn revealed one of the secrets of his survival. Throughout his ordeal, Donn sensed a mysterious presence, that he was never alone, and believed it was his guardian angel. Ready to give up and die, he felt invisible arms lift him up, encouraging him onward.

Like Donn Fendler, I was rescued from certain death by my guardian angel. I was trapped outside in a deadly tornado. Swept off my feet, I was headed for a brick wall. Guess what? Miraculously, someone grabbed my ankles and pulled me down. It felt like someone had lassoed me by the ankles and yanked on the rope, saving me. I landed with a thud and crawled to safety.

Many of these stories tell of supernatural encounters with angels. Other stories describe heroic people who put themselves at great risk to save the lives of others.

The Catholic Church teaches that we all have guardian angels: invisible companions who light and guide, who rule and guard us through life. May you know of your guardian angel’s protection and God’s love for you.

One last thing to remember. I pose a question to you. What was the greatest rescue of all time? Correct! Jesus is our Divine Savior. He came to earth, suffered, died and rose from the dead, all out of love for each and every one of you.”

The chapters are:

St. Peter’s Miraculous Escape – 42 AD
The Kidnapping of St. Patrick – 400’s AD
Barry the Rescue Dog - 1805
Nellie Cashman – 1800’s
The Holy Veil of Manoppello - 1915
Lost on Mount Katahdin - 1939
Dig or Die! - 1943
Great Escapes - 1944
St. Brendan - 1976
The Rescue of St. John Paul II - 1981
The Facts Behind the Stories

About the Author
About the Illustrator

The chapter on the facts behind the stories is almost as fascinating as the stories themselves. The stories appear in chronological order as they appear in the book. Each story begins with an illustration, and even though John Henry Folley illustrated hem all they are done in a wide range of styles. The illustrations help to set up each story in the book. The 10 stories of rescues not only span time but also take place around the world and in a wide variety of circumstances. Kathry states:

“The Catholic Church teaches that we all have guardian angels: invisible companions who light and guide, who rule and guard us through life.”

And this book will show you some of their works in the past. You could easily read one story a night until the book is completed. And Maybe pair that story with the fact section at the end of the book. Or you can race through it like I did. But I guarantee it will fascinate and amaze the children in your life, and maybe you as well.

This is another wonderful book from Kathryn’s pen, a great read for readers of all ages!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan!

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