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Miraculous II Catholic Mysteries for Kids - Kathryn Griffin Swegart - Catholic Stories for Kids Book 4

Miraculous II Catholic Mysteries for Kids
Catholic Stories for Kids Book 4
Kathryn Griffin Swegart
John Henry Folley (Illustrator)
ISBN 9798879489149

Miraculous II Catholic Mysteries for Kids - Kathryn Griffin Swegart - Catholic Stories for Kids Book 4

This is the seventh book by Kathryn that I read and the fourth in the Catholic Stories for Kids Series. The first of her books I read was a historical fiction, Perilous Days, Brave Hearts Book 1, after reading that volume I picked up all her books that were currently available and I read and reviewed them. I was very excited when I found out about this volume, and greatly anticipated reading it. I loved each of her books. I picked up this volume the day the eBook released. And I read it within the next 24 hours. It is excellent.. The first volume in this series, Heavenly Hosts: Eucharistic Miracles for Kids, was an excellent read. And this one is just as good. The description of this volume is:

“Miraculous II is Book 4 in the popular series of engaging stories for young readers. What better way to learn about the Catholic faith than through intriguing tales of apparitions, great escapes, and a surprising archeological discovery?

This illustrated treasury of episodes in Catholic history brings us along side Emperor Constantine who experiences a miraculous vision just before going into a battle to save Rome. Stand at the cross with Longinus and crawl through the tombs beneath St. Peter's Basilica. Witness St. Francis of Assisi receive the stigmata. Learn about a miracle of light with Mother Theresa.

Included in the back is the fascinating collection of historical evidence behind each story.

Don't miss this inspiring book written by award-winning author Kathryn Griffin Swegart.”

The chapters in this volume are:

Introduction 1
Longinus Witness to the Crucifixion 
Miracle of the Fiery Cross 
The Stigmata of St. Francis 
The Miraculous Escape of Fr. Rale 
St. Bernadette 
Our Lady of Champion 
Our Lady of Knock 
Jacinta of Fatima 
The Discovery of St. Peter’s Tomb 
The Miracle of the Light 
The Facts Behind the Stories 
About the Author 
About the Illustrator 

The introduction of this volume states:

“Welcome back as we explore together stories of miracles found in our Catholic faith, filled with heroic figures and mysterious visions. Travel from Golgotha to the deep woods of Wisconsin, from the fields of Fatima to the crowded streets of Calcutta, and witness how God works miracles in the lives of ordinary people, even children like you.

Imagine what it must have been like to see our Blessed Mother shining like the moon before astonished eyes. Marvel at the courage of Father Sebastian Rale as he stands up to British soldiers, only to lose his life in defense of the Abenaki
people. Read about St. Francis of Assisi, the first person in history to receive the wounds of Christ. High atop a lonely mountain in Italy, he was branded with the stigmata, given to him in a spectacular encounter with Our Lord. So deep was the saint’s love of Christ that he desired to suffer as Jesus did on the cross.

Many hours of research made this book possible. It truly is a labor of love. I hope and pray that you enjoy and are inspired by each story you are about to read.”

The book is an excellent read. Great to read to young children, and to read with older children. And for tweens ad teens to read themselves. This book was loved by the three of us who read it, 13, 16 and 50 years old. 

The stories in this volume span church history. From the Crucifixion to more recent times. The stories are written in a very engaging and entertaining fashion. The volume was terribly hard to put down once I started reading.  

It is an excellent little volume for readers of all ages. It is marketed as being for children, but anyone can be blessed by reading this book with an open heart. This is another wonderful book from Kathryn Swegart. Great for readers of all ages! I can easily recommend this book it would be a great addition to any home, school, or church library.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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