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The Journey - Jim Sano

The Journey
ISBN 9781987970692

The Journey - Jim Sano

This is the seventh story I have read by Jim Sano that I have read, and it is his first written for a younger audience, it is a Middle Grade or Young Adult story. It is perfect for younger readers, tweens, and younger teens. At the moment it is a stand-alone story, but I hope it will become the first in a series, I can easily picture other adventures, with the grandfather, father, or even the same group of friends. But I am getting ahead of myself, back to this book.

The description of the book is:

“Thirteen-year-old Will Donovan wishes he could enjoy his friends and trick-or-treating without the nuisance and responsibility of his talkative younger brother, Sam, tagging along. When Will’s wish comes true after finding a strange goblet in the attic, Sam suddenly vanishes into thin air through the attic wall, and Will is challenged to muster up the courage to travel to a strange world to save him. Fortunately, Will’s friends and characters they meet along the way won’t let him face this dangerous journey alone, as they end up confronting their greatest fears, deadly creatures, and an epoch battle between good and evil.”

In some ways this is a classic buddy story, and in other a school aged story. It is a classic adventure story. But with the translation into a different world and the quest is to figure out why and to find a way home. And the why is not what we first suppose. 

The story begins on Halloween night. Will is frustrated with his younger brother often, and this evening he has reached a boiling point. When Sam steps on Will’s candy spread out on the floor, Will wishes he would disappear. And so he does. Soon Will and his friends Jules, Arrie, and Porty. The four friends are dressed as Musketeers and when will’s grandfather explains what happened and how to resolve it the group is up for the challenge. Or at least they think they are. 

Once they adventure begins they have 2 tools to help, a set number of wishes, and a blank book that magical contains text to guide, help and direct. Almost as soon as they are through the attacks begin. Dark forces attack them repeatedly. And things are often not as they appear. They must grow, face challenges, develop character and grow in virtues. They travel following the guidance of the book, and friends they meet along the way. With each city or kingdom the reach they find out more information and in each they gain new allies. This world has a prophecy that the evil force will attack and wipe it out unless they can come together under a new leader. And through it all Will is just desperate to find his brother and return his brother and friends home safe. 

There is great action, an epic journey, friends on a quest, and a final battle. This book was incredibly hard to put down. Before I even finished it I was telling my youngest two ages 13 and 16 about the story and they both were desperate to read it. This is one of those stories that could easily become a Christian Classic. It is another excellent read from Jim and Full Quiver. I highly recommend this.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan

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