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Son of Interflux - Gordon Korman

Son of Interflux
Gordon Korman
ISBN 9780439938730
ISBN 9780590411868

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Originally published in 1986 this was fifth standalone novel written by Korman, and it was the twelfth novel he published. And what an awesome tale it is. A few years ago mid-summer, Korman published his 100th book. Yes, you read that correctly, his hundredth book. My introduction to Korman’s works was the 39 Clues back in 2009. Since then, I have read over 40 of his books. With each one I read I am entertained and often challenged. My son often reads these books to me or with me. I picked up this to read because I am alternating between his oldest and newest as I work through his complete works. 

The current description of this volume states:

“It pays to be an underdog-especially when you end up on top! Simon's father is the head of Interflux, the largest manufacturer of useless things in the world. Now Interflux wants to build a factory right on top of Simon's school. So what does Simon do? He "reinvests" the Student Council funds, invents an alter ego, buys a useless piece of strip land for a lot of money, and comes up with a new concept in corporate structure called Antiflux. And if you think that sounds crazy, you should see what he does next!”

The original description I believe was:

“Even from a distance, Simon could see the long, thin, erratic strip marked out on the map, to the northwest of the Interflux property.

‘Lot 1346B’, he said in a voice that impressed him wioth its steadiness. ‘I Hear it’s available …’

The senior clerk consulted a large ledger marked strangely, Mah Jongg Money, April ’81 to October ‘92/ ‘The Back Taxes are sixty-seven hun dred eight dollars and thirty-five cents.’

‘I’ll take it.’ Said Simon.”

This is a really interesting story. I am really enjoying some of these earlier Korman works. This is a hilarious story of a son that decides to stick it to his father’s company. He knows in the long run he can’t win. But he can be a thorn in the side for a long time. It is intriguing watching the father and so go head to head over a small abandoned strip of land. The son just doing it because he can, the Dan because it is his job. And through it all they buddy up against the mom and her bazaar food trends. 

This is a wonderful story about friends, friendships, and finding your place in the world. At an elite art school Simon find his place and a way to stick it to his dad. It is a wonderful High School story. 

Another excellent read from Korman’s masterful pen.    

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