Wednesday 7 December 2022

In the Shadow of Deimos - Jane Killick - Terraforming Mars Book 1

In the Shadow of Deimos 
ISBN 9781839080869
eISBN 9781839080876
ASIN B08Y97P336

First, I absolutely love the Terraforming Mars games, I have played the board game with my and without expansion packs with my brother and his wife many times. And we have a mobile version of the game on the go almost continually. What I loved about the game is it reminded me of the science fiction I read as a teen and young adult. This new series of novels brings that full circle, we circle from the game and elements in the game back to novels. And Jane Killick has done an excellent job with this story, and I hope there will be many in the series.

But back to this specific story, the description of this novel is:

“Mars is the new frontier for humanity, as we launch an epic saga of inspiring planetary exploration set in the award-winning Terraforming Mars boardgame

In the 25th century, mankind is on the brink of achieving a second home: Mars. Rival corporations spend fortunes to transform the Red Planet into an environment where humanity can thrive. The potential rewards are enormous, the risks colossal… That fragile balance is shattered when a rogue asteroid collision results in a death and the discovery of an evolved microbe. Three Martians with very different agendas must navigate a trail of destruction and treachery to uncover the truth and expose those responsible, before Mars falls to Earth’s corruption. As lines blur between progress and humanity, Mars itself remains the biggest adversary of all.”

It was fascinating to read about the corporations that I have played so many times. Killick brings to life the corporations, and the leads and personalities behind them in a wonderful way. Reading about the process and changes to the planet as it is being terraformed is highly entertaining. Mars in this volume has a bit of a wild west feel to it. A few corporations pushing the limits of what it can do and get away with, No formal police, or prison, at least as of yet. And a man who game her to get away from a devastating past encountering that pain in a whole new way here on Mars. The characters are well written. The story flows well. In part it is a murder mystery set in space. And In part is it hard science fiction. 

It is a great read and looks to be the beginning of a wonderful series. It would make an excellent movie or TV Series. For fans of classic science fiction, it will remind them of authors like Bester, Heinlein, and Herbert. For some it will have a feel of Piers Anthony or Harry Harrison. But no matter what it reminds you of it is a highly entertaining story, and I look forward to more in the series.

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