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Colder than the Grave - J.D. Kirk - DCI Logan Book 12

Colder than the Grave
DCI Logan Book 12
ISBN 9781912767472

An excellent read in a great series! This is the sixteenth volume from J.D. Kirk that I have read in the last few months. I have enjoyed all that I have now read to date, the first 12 in the DCI Logan series and also the first 3 in the Robert Hoon series, as well as stand alone VIP exclusive short story. I picked the first for a few reasons, but mainly because authors Alex Smith and JE Mayhew have both recommended the author and series. I am a big fan of Smith’s DCI Kett novels and Mayhew’s DCI Will Blake Series. I had no idea how addictive Kirk’s books would be or that like Mayhew and Smith, Kirk publishes under various names. Kirk publishes children books as Barry Hutchison, and other adult fiction as Barry J. Hutchison. He is coming up on 175 books across the three pen names. If I had known that or I might not have picked up this first one. Friends call me a ‘completionist’ in that when I find an author I like, I try to read everything they have published. Fortunately I only have 3 left to be caught up to those published under this pen name. For now I will try and read the remaining books published as Kirk.

The description of this novel is:

“She left him for dead. Now, he’s back to repay the favour.

DCI Jack Logan should’ve known things were going too well. Genuinely happy for the first time in years, Jack has almost fooled himself into believing that the world is a decent place.

But, when the discovery of a mutilated body kicks off a series of grisly murders, Jack’s dream of a peaceful life rapidly begins to crumble around him.

With friends in danger, and enemies begging for his help, Jack must risk everything to protect the final would-be victim, and stop the most monstrous killer he’s ever faced.

And to do that, sacrifices will have to be made…

Colder than the Grave is the 12th novel in the #1 bestselling DCI Jack Logan series set in the Highlands of Scotland. Perfect for fans of Stuart Macbride, Chris Brookmyre, Ian Rankin, and LJ Ross.”

In these stories often the murders are gruesome. The humour is dark. And the Scottish temperament comes out from several different characters. This case is no different, in some almost all ways it is worse, for this time it is personal. This story ties up several story arc’s that have been woven in and out of the last few novels in the series. Two people important to the team fall into the hands of the evil villain in this one. And It might be the worst character they have faced yet. Logan is given a time line, 3 hours to decide to exchange two for one. Something is niggling in Logan’s brain and when he slips a note to the Detective Superintendent Mitchell to be investigated the pieces have fallen in place. But figuring out the who does not mean he can save the two that have been taken. Hamza seems to be turning a corner. DC Neish comes back from medical leave and even still hurting this case is too important for him to stay home. We get to see a lot more of Detective Superintendent Mitchell, and how she works, and works the team. And when she is interrogating or should I say intimidating Mrs Alexis Maximuke to get the information they need. Just Wow! 

“Alexis narrowed her eyes. “You’re a nasty bitch.”

“Yes. So I’ve been told,” Mitchell replied. She flipped open the folder in front of her. “Now, shall we begin?””

This is another great read in an excellent series. The two series written under the pen name J.D. Kirk are definitely Scottish Mysteries, and I can see the comparisons with Smith’s and Mayhew’s works, as well as several other more mainstream names. Each time I finish a book by Kirk it takes willpower not to just pick up the next one and keep going. I have read nearly all the DCI Logan books and three of the 4 planned for the Robert Hoon Series as well. And Kirk has now hinted at a new series once the Hood quadrilogy wraps up. I know I will be reading all the books published buy this author under this name, and I am looking forward to that new series. Once I read the remaining 3 DCI Logan books to get caught up, I will be branching out into his other works. I love that the stories are set in Scotland! This book and series would be great reads for fans of Jack Reacher, DCI Kett or DCI Will Blake. I state it again it is a great read in an excellent series! 

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