Thursday 20 February 2020

Paper Girls - Alex Smith - DCI Kett Book 1.0

Paper Girls
DCI Kett Crime Thrillers Book 1.0
Zertex Crime
ISBN 9781912767151

This is the second of the DCI Kett stories that I have read and I have can state that both are great crime mystery novels. Over a decade ago, I read and loved the Lockdown series published primarily for a young adult audience by Alexander Gordon Smith. When I found out he had a new crime mystery series in the works I had visions of his skill turned to series like Wired in the Blood, or the Commander. There is just something so appealing about a British crime drama or procedural, I was hooked from the concept. After reading the first novella or short story I bumped this one way up in my to be read list. The first short story is available for free on his site, and leads into this novel. 

The book begins a few months after Cry Baby. DCI Kett is on compassionate leave after the abduction of his wife. And is heading back to the area he grew up with his three girls. Before he even gets them settled into the house he is rending he gets a call from his boss. And his services have been offered to the local team in Norwich have two abductions of young girls snatched while delivering papers. Kett is dragged back into the world he was trying to step away from. But soon the case and his own tenacity have him in situations of great personal risk. But even after some initial confrontation and hostility he is settling down and finding his way with his girls and assisting the Special Investigations Unit.

The story is fast paced. And the characters are expertly written. You find yourself pulling for Kett. It is a great crime mystery story. But as a father of daughters also terrifying.

Up until last year I had not read much in the mystery or crime genres for over 25 years. But last year I did read a lot of crime and mystery books. I read all the books available by Maureen Jennings, the Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child, and the Hunt for Reacher series by Diane Capri. And the writing in this story kept up with them all. It is a great second story in a series. And sets us up for some serious action in the coming volumes. 

A great read for anyone who enjoys the crime, mystery, thriller genres!

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