Thursday 27 February 2020

The Ghosts of Midgard Manor And Other Stories - Roger Thomas

The Ghosts of Midgard Manor And Other Stories 
Roger Thomas

ISBN 9781733080934

Last year I read almost all the book available from the masterful pen of Roger Thomas. And there are some excellent reads. I especially loved his earlier collection of stories, The Last Ugly Person: And Other Stories, It was one of my favorite reads of almost 400 books that year. So to say I was eager and excited when I heard about this new collection of stories, would be a great understatement. As soon as I knew this was available I picked up the eBook and stopped reading the book I was on and immediately read the first story in this collection. And I worked my way through the whole collection over a few days. There is not a bad story in the collection. In fact, I could not even pick a least favorite, because all the stories are well written. The description of the collection is:

“An eclectic collection of short stories examining life and relationships from a variety of perspectives.”

And it really does live up to that statement. A few ghost stories, some historical fiction, and even some dystopian pieces are within the collection. There is even a battle with a demon. The stories in the order they appear are:

The Ghosts of Midgard Manor
The Rock
The Narrowing
Catherine’s Triumph
The Queen's Request
Kateri’s Sentence

I am not even sure I could pick a favorite story in the collection. I have thought about it for a while and I keep changing my mind. I would absolutely love to know what happened a year or 2 later to Kateri. I would also be intrigued to find out what happened next for Catherine. The Ghost of Midgard Manor and The Queen’s Request both are excellent stories and stand well as they are. And seeing the story of Zakkai – Zacchaeus with a lot more historical background was truly eye opening. 

If you are a fan of short stories this is an excellent collection. If you are a fan of Roger’s novel I am certain you will enjoy this collection. And if you are unfamiliar with his work it will show you the variety and depth of his skill. 

A great collection that I highly recommend!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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