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Nine Days to Welcome Peace - Jacques Philippe

Nine Days to Welcome Peace
Jacques Philippe
Timothée Berthon (Editor)
Neal Carter (Translator)
eISBN 9781594173660

My introduction to the writings of father Jacques Philippe was Time For God, which I first read 12 years ago. I have reread that book four times now and every time I read it, I get something more out of it. And when he has a new book come out in French, I eagerly await it being available in English. This time it looks like the two editions are publishing at the same time, in January of 2020. But this is the second volume in the ‘Nine Days …’ series by Father Philippe. There was an earlier volume that I missed picking up, Nine Days to Rediscover the Joy of Prayer, but even before I finished this one, I had purchased it to read as soon as this one was completed. This is an excellent little volume and one I know I will return to again and again. Father Philippe states about this series that:

“The “Nine Days to” collection offers a guided retreat to be lived at home or on vacation, in the subway or on the train, for people who have little time but wish to devote ten minutes a day to spiritual growth.

Each book in the collection offers nine days of inspiring meditations that surround a specific theme for advancement in the spiritual life. Each serves as both a school of prayer and an authentic tool of self-transformation.

Two meditations are offered for each day. One can be experienced in the morning and the other at any opportune moment during the day or evening.

The journey includes reflection exercises, the Word of God, a meditation from a saint or another great spiritual author, and a resolution—all geared to help the participant dive into an authentic spiritual experience.”

The first time I worked through this volume I did part in the morning and part at lunch. Returning to it at lunch helped to focus my afternoon in a new way. 

The chapters in this volume are:
First Day:
The Urgency Of Interior Peace
Second Day:
Peace, A Gift From God
Third Day:
The More Peaceful I Am, The More God Acts
Fourth Day:
Prayer, A Place For Peace
Fifth Day:
Peace, Fruit Of Trust
Sixth Day:
Humility, Source Of Peace
Seventh Day:
No Forgiveness, No Peace
Eighth Day:
To Find Peace, Accept Life As It Is
Ninth Day:
To Find Peace, Live In The Present Moment

And each of the nine days follows this pattern:

Invitation To Contemplation
Sign Of The Cross
Prayer To The Holy Spirit
Meditation From Fr. Jacques Philippe
A Grace To Request
Light From A Faithful Witness
Meditate On The Word

The section Light From A Faithful Witness some times comprises quotes from more than one source. And before each day is a full color photo. We are not told where the excerpts from Father Phillipe are from, or if they were written specifically for this book, or this series. But in the grand scheme of things that does not matter. In the preface to the other volume it states that these meditations are available as a pamphlet or on CD. So I assume the original French versions come from retreats that father Philippe has lead. And even if in English we do not have access to the audio, the book itself makes a wonderful 9-day personal retreat. Or it could even be used by a group or family. 

This is another wonderful resource for spiritual growth from Father Philippe. And I know I will be reading them all as the series becomes available and will return to them again and again. An excellent little volume.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan

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