Tuesday 11 February 2020

Cry Baby - Alex Smith - DCI Kett Book 0.5

Cry Baby
DCI Kett Crime Thrillers Book 0.5
Zertex Crime

Years ago, I read and loved the Lockdown series published primarily for a young adult audience by Alexander Gordon Smith. When I found out he had a new crime mystery series in the works I had visions of his skill turned to series like Wired in the Blood, or the Commander. There is just something so appealing about a British crime drama or procedural, I was hooked from the concept. And this first short story is available for free on his site, and leads into the first full length novel. Though to be honest the whole time I was reading this I was picturing Jamie Bamber as DCI Kett.

The description of the book begins by telling us the DCI Robert Kett is about to have the worst day of his life. And the story lives up to that prediction. The story follows Kett as he navigated the minefields at home, work and on the streets of London. The city is trapped in the middle of a heat wave. And there is a serial killer knocking off young men all on public transportation. Kett discovers there is a price on his head. 

I admit I have thoroughly enjoyed all the books I have read by Alex Smith. And this new story is setting up what looks like an excellent series. At the time of writing this review there are 2 novels that follow this story and a third that is publishing shortly. 

Over the last year I have read a lot of crime and mystery books. I read all the books available by Maureen Jennings, the Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child, and the Hunt for Reacher series by Diane Capri. And the writing in this story kept up with them all. It is a great start to a series. And sets us up for some serious drama in the coming volumes. 

The characters are well written. The plot proceeds at an excellent pace. And you can’t help but find yourself cheering for DCI Kett. It is an excellent beginning and I look forward to seeing what happens with DCI Kett next. If you enjoy a good crime novel give this story and try.

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