Tuesday 21 September 2021

Every Mother's Son - Alex Smith - DCI Kett Book 7.0

Every Mother's Son
DCI Kett Crime Thrillers Book 7.0
Zertex Crime
ISBN 9781913877064

I downloaded this book  and started it the day it released. This is quite the story and continuation of the Kett saga. This book was in a very different way. It is a great story and intriguing . But there are some surprising twists in this tale and something very much expected.

If you have been fallowing the saga of DCI Kett this book is a must read. If you happen to be a fan of rough and tough action you will almost certainly enjoy this novel. And the other books in the series. This is the eighth of the DCI Kett stories that I have read, the seventh novel, and Kett made a brief appearance in The Harder They Fall, the first of the Softley Series of books. A previous volume, Whip Crack, makes reference to Six Days, Six Hours, Six Minutes, which is by far the darkest and grittiest of Smith’s mystery thriller novels. All of his mysteries link together in some fashion. This book is different than the others in the series, this still has intense action and an even stranger mystery feel. Kett is officially off the force, but has been called to a religious community by his estranged mother to help solve a double murder and get back a kidnapped baby boy. He calls in his old boss and a few of his team to help try and get the child back on the QT. But things do not go well. And not all in the community welcome their presence or help.

I have stated before and say it yet again, each of the Kett novels are great crime mystery novels, and terribly interesting reads. They capture that British Crime Thriller feel very well. They are however, dark books with terrible crimes. And in this one the clock is ticking, to get back the abducted infant. 

In some ways I am always a little nervous about where the series will go next. Kett has had a bit of a break. Some time to recover. But things are not as they seem. And the danger and crimes are far more sinister than at first we suspect. And as we have all been waiting, the force realizes things are getting darker, more dangerous, and more out of control. And sometimes you need a monster to hunt a monster. And DCI Kett is that monster! 

I will be blunt and again state that this book and this series is not for all readers. It is very dark, gritty, and very intense. They are great thrillers. But not for all readers. Over ten years ago, I read and loved the Lockdown series published primarily for a young adult audience by Alexander Gordon Smith. And I loved those books and still recommend them often. But I now love the Kett books even more.

This is a great British Crime thriller, an excellent read in a dark series. A great read. And it leaves you desperate for the next offering Sweet Briar Rose

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