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Case of the Campground Creature - Karen Kelly Boyce and Sue Anderson Gioulis - Sisters of the Last Straw Book 7

Case of the Campground Creature
Sisters of the Last Straw Book 7
Karen Kelly Boyce
Sue Anderson Gioulis (Illustrator)
TAN Books
eISBN 9781505121186

I have now read the 7 volumes currently in print in this series. My youngest daughter has read 6 of the 7 to me as well. She was away when this one released, and I could not wait. So it is another one I will be reading twice. Two years ago, I read the fifth book in this series, The Case of the Christmas Tree Capers, a Christmas story. Last year I read the first three books in the series. My daughter is insisted that she reread them all to me as part of her reading challenge time. I have enjoyed each of the volumes. And even more so now with my daughter reading them to me. They are great fun reads for younger readers or really for readers of any age. I previously stated that the series reminds me of Tales of a Magic Monastery by Theophane the Monk. These are super fun reads. But they also have great lessons. Lessons that kids will pick up on and lean from, but also lessons that we as adults can appreciate and be challenged by. Another great story in a very entertaining and amusing series. Maybe the best.

As always the sisters in this story are fun, and their adventures and mishaps are often funny, and in this case a little surprising. The sisters are:

Sister Krumbles
Sister Shiny
Sister Lovely
Sister Wanda
Sister Lacy
Sister Mona
Mother Mercy

The volume contains the black and white illustrations by Sue Anderson Gioulis and they continue to add to the story. The book teaches us about human nature, about living the gospel, and about trusting God. From the chapter titles you always have a preview of what is about to happen next:

Camper Creatures
On the Road
A Tangled Mess
The Creature
Wanda’s Wandering
The Sister Search
Double Trouble
Homeward Bound

The troubles begin even before the sisters leave the convent. A great mishap with critters, sister Shiny, and a self-locking door begin the adventure. And after a breakdown the tension really amps up, with a strange creature in the woods. But as usual the sisters stumble their way through with prayer and good intentions. 

There are excellent lessons for the young readers of the series for whom it is written for, and for us older folks who might read it with or to them, and in my case have it read to. Or even just on our own. It is a great story in an excellent series. And we look forward to reading the next story and hope there are yet more to come. I am certain that if you pick it up and laugh at and with the sisters of the last straw.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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