Tuesday 28 September 2021

Heaven’s Hunter - Marie C. Keiser

Heaven’s Hunter
ISBN 9798557822688

This is an excellent debut novel. The story was very well crafted. The story is reminiscent of many, but the underlying Catholic themes make it fresh and new. Other than Karina Fabian I am not aware of another contemporary Catholic Author that does Catholic Space Saga this well. I picked this volume up because another author had plugged it on her summer reading list. In many ways it reminded me of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan series, and also of Piers Anthony’s Bio of a Space Tyrant novels. Both of which I loved when I was much younger, but when I tried to reread them did not finish even the first story. And in reading this I could not help but think what an excellent volume it would have been to read in my youth. The description of the book is:

“Randall Yung, born into one of the galaxy's elite families, could have had anything he wanted, but he decided to become a detective for the Galactic Fleet. And he's good at his job--so good at it that he's getting bored.

Everything suddenly changes when Randall is assigned to track down the perpetrator of a daring attack on a Fleet warship. This case is dangerously personal.

The closer he comes to his target the more he finds himself trapped by old grudges, an outlawed organization, and a war his grandparents fought. Can he escape from his enemies without betraying everything he cares about?”

Randall finds himself alone, and the people he is closest to Are those he hunted. Much like Paul, Randall finds himself fighting against something that just might be what he needs. The characters are masterfully written. And the interplay between Randall and Conrad and later Randall and Alvarez are wonderful to watch develop, grow and change.  

The underlying plot of the Catholic Church being suppressed and persecuted in space is an interesting take. Randall finding out about the real history and how he needs to work through and process that is well written.

I greatly enjoyed this read. It took me back to the type of stories I loved in my youth, but with a much cleaner story. It still has a lot of action and adventure, and space drama, but without all the sex. The book does an excellent job portraying Randall’s internal conflict as reality start to contradict his perceptions and the history he has been taught. 

As soon as I finished the story I went searching to find out if there were more. The author has confirmed she is working on another story in the same universe, but not the same characters. I do so hope someday she returns to these characters and continues their story.

This is an excellent debut novel. I highly recommend it for fans of the classic Science Fiction style. I have no hesitation recommending this book. A great year for young adults and teens, and even us older folks. And I would have no hesitation picking up anything else published by Keiser! Catholic fiction at its best.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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