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The Case of the Missing Maps - Karen Kelly Boyce and Sue Anderson Gioulis - Sisters of the Last Straw Book 8

The Case of the Missing Maps
Sisters of the Last Straw Book 8
Karen Kelly Boyce
Sue Anderson Gioulis (Illustrator)
TAN Books
eISBN 9781505127560

I have now read the 8 volumes currently in print in this series. My youngest daughter has read them to me as well. She was so excited when this released and wanted us to read it together. She started it and then needed to pause to read a book for school, she was terribly excited when we got back to it and read double for a few days in a row to get through it. A few years ago, I read the fifth book in this series, The Case of the Christmas Tree Capers, a Christmas story. And I was hooked. My daughter is insisted that she reread them all to me as part of her reading challenge time, and we were both excited to finally have this one in print. I have enjoyed each of the volume, even more so now with my daughter reading them to me. These are great fun, and excellent reads for younger readers or really for readers of any age. I previously stated that the series reminds me of Tales of a Magic Monastery by Theophane the Monk. These books have great lessons. Lessons that kids will pick up on and learn from, but also lessons that we as adults can appreciate and be challenged by. It is another great story in a very entertaining and amusing series. One of the best.

As always the sisters in this story are fun, and their adventures and mishaps are often funny, and in this case a little surprising. The sisters are:

Sister Krumbles
Sister Shiny
Sister Lovely
Sister Wanda
Sister Lacey
Mother Mercy

The volume contains the black and white illustrations by Sue Anderson Gioulis and they continue to add to the story. The book teaches us about human nature, about living the gospel, and about trusting God, prayer and maybe a miracle. From the chapter titles you always have a preview of what is about to happen next:

The Wild Wasp
Treasure Maps and Mind Boggling Blueprints
Confusing Clues
Candle Smoke & Bells
Going Batty
Starving Seagulls
The Hidden Room
A Happy Surprise

This one truly has a villain and for long time readers of the series I give you 3 guesses and the first two do not count! The sisters discover a false bottom in a Steamer trunk. Inside the compartment they find some very important papers. Including blueprints for their house. It contains several hidden spaces and even tunnels that they were unaware of. 

And soon the Nuns and the dastardly Mr. Lemon are on a treasure hunt. Following the maps and the clues. But what the treasure actually is will surprises them. And Lemon does not react well once he finally has it in his hands. But to find out what it is and how they find it you will need to read this wonderful story.

The description of this volume is:

"A Treasure Map! Clues to unravel!
Will the Sisters be able to figure out the clues?
Will Mr. Lemon beat the Sisters to the gold?
Will God teach everyone the true meaning of riches?
Meet the Sisters of the Last Straw, a community of Sisters trying hard to overcome their bad habits. Join these lovable misfit nuns as they learn to love God and forgive one another. The Sisters discover a hidden trunk that contains an old treasure map. Following the clues leads them on an adventure around Spring Creek township, from a church steeple to a lighthouse. Will they beat Mr. Lemon to the gold? Will they uncover and find the gold promised in The Case of the Missing Maps?"

There are excellent lessons for the young readers of the series for whom it is written for, and for us older folks who might read it with or to them, and in my case have it read to. Or even just on our own. It is a great story in an wonderful series. We always look forward to reading the next story and hope there are yet more to come. The next one announced at the end of this volume is: The Case of the Mixed-Up Marathon. I am certain that if you pick it up and laugh along with the sisters of the last straw, and be greatly entertained.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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