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Siren Spell - Karina Fabian - A DragonEye, PI Story

Siren Spell
A DragonEye, PI Book 6.0
Karina Fabian
Laser Cow Press
ISBN 9781956489101

I sincerely believe that with each new book I read from Karina Fabian’s masterful pen I am more and more impressed with her writing. I have loved all the books and all the series I have read by her. This new novel is an excellent offering, especially leading up to Saint Valentine’s Day. This is a great story! I could hardly put this down. I picked it up as soon as I saw it was available and read it over 2 sittings. I have been reading stories from Karina Fabian since 2008. But in the last three years I have read or reread 40 books and stories published by her, and stories across most of her series. I usually read her books and then often listen to them a second time using adaptive technology. My understanding is that this is the order of the series at least at the time of writing this review:

6.0 Siren Spell
7.0 Vern vs Godzilla? What?
?.0 Magic, Mensa and Mayhem (Revised edition)
?.0 Live and Let Fly (Revised edition)

I have the older original eBooks of Magic and Live that I picked up in 2011 and never got around to reading, and to be honest mainly because of the covers. My understanding is they are undergoing a major rewrite, and if they are as good and the five more recent volumes, they will be well worth the wait. There are a couple of other short stories published in this universe as well:

But back to this story. The description of this book is:

“What could challenge a dragon more than being human?

When a curse turns Vern human, he does not have time to deal with it; Sister Grace’s cousin has gone missing in the Mundane. Besides, how hard could humaning be? He might even enjoy it for a while.

But from stubbed toes to fever dreams of emus, he discovers that humaning is not as easy as it seems. When women throw themselves at him, the unfamiliar hormones catch him off guard – especially because his heart, dragon and human, belongs to the nun who is his best friend.

Can he master his new emotions and solve the mystery before Grace becomes the kidnapper’s next victim?”

The chapter tiles in Fabians books are often very important, this time they are:

Sausage Dreams and Stranger Things 
Spells and Sensibility 
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Vurnerrah? 
When Victor Met Gloria 
A Model Human 
50 Shades of Drake 
Seven Deadly Sins Shoutout: Pride 
Partying with Pretty Pam 
Five Minutes Ducking Cassandra 
Seven Deadly Sins Shoutout: Envy 
     OR Seven Minutes in the Closet with Kitty 
Saturday Night Fever 
Seven Deadly Sins Shoutout: Lust 
The Power of Persuasion 
Seven Deadly Sins Shoutout: Greed
Not Love, Actually 
Seven Deadly Sins Shoutout: Wrath 
True Love’s True Form 
Seven Deadly Sins Shoutout: Gluttony and Sloth

I should have figured it out before the reveal! As soon as it happened, I was shaking my head trying to figure out why I did not see that coming. This story was hilarious! Bit time. Vern wakes up and he is under a curse, he has been turned human, and not only has he been turned human he is very good looking. Think Shrek when in Human form but even more so. Women are fawning all over him. Sister Grace is ruffled and even kerfuffled, and she cannot find any way to undo the spell. He ends up going undercover on the missing person’s case they are working on. Vern seems attracted to a few different women that causes some ore issues. Then he experiences illness and hallucinates. His dream at the beginning and while fevered are hilarious.  

This book is a very entertaining read. It is another excellent offering from Fabian’s masterful pen. Even if you have not read any of the other DragonEye PI stories I can easily recommend this book to you. I have said it before, and I say it again in many ways it reads like a catholic version of Robert Apsrin’s MYTH series and his Phule’s Company or the works of Tom Holt. Give this book or the series a try; I am certain you will be entertained. A wonderful read in a great series.  

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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