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Knock Knock - Alex Smith - DCI Kett Crime Thrillers Book 10.0

Knock Knock
DCI Kett Crime Thrillers Book 10.0
ISBN 9781913877095

I had pre-ordered the eBook for this, so it dropped to my devices on release day. But when it released I was busy at work and in some other series of books, and it sort of fell off the radar until my manager at work, whom I introduced Kett to, mentioned his physical copy had arrived. I went and bumped the eBook back to the top of my reading list. It is by far the longest book in the series to date. Listed as 478 pages. Each book in the series had gotten longer and I can only wonder if the next volume will surpass 500 pages. I devoured this volume over 3 days. It was hard to put down. Now it was not as fast paced as some of the other Kett novels. And really not as violent or gruesome. But the last section man what a set up for book 11, Rat King. The description of this instalment in the Kett saga is:

“Whatever you do, don’t open the door…

When a severed foot is delivered to the unsuspecting residents of a student house in Norwich, DCI Kett’s Extreme Crime Task Force begins one of the most gruesome investigations of its career.

And it’s not just a foot. More packages begin to appear at random on people’s doorsteps, all of them containing body parts that have been surgically removed and meticulously wrapped.

Kett, Porter, Savage and PC Duke find themselves in a race against the clock to identify the victims and their killer, who shows no sign of stopping.

And it soon becomes clear that this monster isn’t just delivering corpses.

He's sending a message.”

I started this book the day it released, and even though it was a very busy week at work I ripped through it in a few days. I could not put it down. All of the Kett books are dark, and somewhat disturbing British Crime Thrillers, but this one takes it to a completely different level. Kett and his new team the Norfolk Constabulary’s Extreme Crime Task Force, have gone on holiday for some team building time. But the few days away do not end up relaxing in any way shape or form. It is another great story an intense series. There are a few twists in this tale and somethings very much unexpected. 

If you have been fallowing the saga of DCI Kett this book is a must read. If you happen to be a fan of rough and tough action you will almost certainly enjoy this novel. And the other books in the series. This is the eleventh of the DCI Kett stories that I have read, the tenth novel, Kett has also made a brief appearance in The Harder They Fall, the first of the Softley Series of books. But back to this volume.

This one is much more of a procedural crime thriller. Kett and the team are working a case where couriers are delivering body parts. They soon find out it has ties to a much larger problem. And that there are different forces at work her. When you include a rowdy football team, and it’s star player. Said star being the son of a former MP and mouthpiece for the Alt Right. But when a second appendage shows up it at first seems completely unrelated. And then … but that is getting aHEAD of the story. The return of Norman Balls sheds some light in dark places the police were unaware of. And using skill, cunning and just a bit of luck Kett and the team have a chance to stop a madman. But Can they put it all together in time? To Find out you will need to read this story. With over 2600 reviews on amazon and 1350 on Goodreads this story average s 4.5 stars. 

This is another dark and gritty crime thriller from the pen of Alex Smith. About the author we are informed that:

“Alex Smith wrote his first book when he was six. It wasn’t particularly good, but it did have some supernatural monsters in it. His latest books, the DCI Robert Kett thrillers, have monsters in it too, although these monsters are very human, and all the more terrifying for it. In between these two books he has published thirteen other novels for children and teenagers under his full name, Alexander Gordon Smith—including the number one bestselling series Escape From Furnace, which is loved by millions of readers worldwide and which is soon to become a motion picture. He lives in Norwich with his wife and three young daughters.”

My introduction to Smith’s works were The Furnace novels many years ago. I have not read everything he has published but much of it. And they are always edge of your seat thrillers. I still hope that someday he will finally release book 2 is the Softley Softley Series, but until then I am thankful for another read in this dark and disturbing series. For some the Kett stories will be the things of nightmares, for others a look at the underside of society. But no matter how you read them they are crime thrillers with a lot of action, great characters and often a lot of violence!

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