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The Father Speaks to His Children - Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio

The Father Speaks to His Children
Sister Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio

I have read this book as part of Father Mark Goring’s School of Reading, it is the fourth book that I have read that he has highlighted as his book of the month. Father Mark sent out a PDF but I went looking to an eBook version. I did find them on Kindle and Kobo but upon reading the PDF discovered that there should not be. At the beginning of the book after the title page it states:

“4th print edition in english, July-13, 1995
1st digital pdf edition in english February-28, 2005

This edition serves as a manuscript.
It is not sold and not commercially available. This book is distributed cost-free in order to circulate the message of the Father. Thus, nobody is authorized to charge amounts or donations for this work, which wants to exist only by trusting in the hope of this message. All those, who want to thank for it are invited to pray, especially for those people, who do not yet know the Father. Everyone can help voluntarily to distribute this message.”

You can find a PDF version online, if you search the author and title. This book has:

+ Petrus Canisius van Lierde,
Vic. Generalis e Vic. Civitatis Vaticanae, Roma, die 13 Martii 1989
The chapters in this volume are:

Preface Short Biography of Mother Eugenia Elisabette Ravasio 
Testimony of the Right Reverend A. Caillot 
The Father´s Message 1
The Father´s Message 2 (To the Pope) 
The Father´s Message 3 (To The Bishop) 
The Father´s Message 4 
Prayer of Mother Eugenia

This is a fascinating little read. It is only 35 pages in length from title page to a summary by P. Andrea D’Ascanio OFM. It is an easy volume to read and yet it contains a significant amount of important material. I worked my way through this over a few days and over several sittings. Pausing at the end of each message. Taking time to think, reflect and pray. The work concludes with these words:

““God is my Father!” This cry is being heard ever more frequently in today’s world: people are coming to recognize that God is indeed their Father.

Consequently, we feel it our duty to publish a message, given to the world by God the Father through one of His creatures who loved Him so much, Sister Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio, and recognized as valid by the Church.

We consider it appropriate to introduce this work by quoting the testimony of a former Bishop of Grenoble, the Right Reverend Alexandre Caillot. In 1935 he set up a board of experts, drawn from various parts of France, to conduct a diocesan enquiry, which lasted ten years.

Its members included the Bishop of Grenoble’s Vicar General, Mgr Guerry, theologian; the Jesuit brothers, Fathers Albert and Auguste Valencin-Amons, who ranked among the foremost authorities in the field of philosophy and theology and were expert in evaluating such cases; and two doctors of medicine, one of whom was a psychiatrist.

We are sure that this message will help people to understand the deep tenderness the Father has for each one of us, and we hope that it will receive the widest possible circulation.””

This whole final section is missing from the digital version. The conclusion by Alexandre Caillot at the time of the revelation states:

“Following the dictates of my soul and my conscience, and with the keenest sense of my responsibility to the Church, I declare that supernatural and divine intervention seems to me the only logical and satisfactory explanation of the facts. 

Isolated from all the surrounding features of the case, this essential fact seems to me to be noble, lofty and supernaturally rich: that a humble nun has called souls to true devotion to the Father, such as Jesus taught and the Church has enshrined in its liturgy. There is nothing alarming in this, only something that is very simple and in accordance with solid doctrine. 

The miraculous facts which accompany this message could be separated from the main event and its value would still be preserved in its entirety. For doctrinal reasons, the Church will declare whether the idea of a special feast can be considered separately from this particular case involving the sister. 

I believe that the fundamental proof of the authenticity of the nun’s mission is shown by the way in which she puts into practice in her life the beautiful doctrine which she was apparently destined to remind us of. 

I deem it proper to let her continue her work. I believe that the hand of God is in all this. After ten years of research, reflection and prayer, I bless the Father for having deigned to choose my diocese as the place for such touching manifestations of His love.”

This booklet is an important message in this day and age. For generations raised without fathers, absentee fathers, or fathers focused on work and their own lives. We need the Father in heaven in our lives. For those in parishes with unfatherly priests. … 

There appears to be a few variations of this volume available. By different publishers and offered online from different sources. The edition father Mark made available was the 2005 first pdf edition. I have obtained 2 other versions and plan to read them as well. It is an excellent volume and a book I highly recommend! 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan! You can find a PDF version online, which was the version Father Mark Distributed. A different version is available online here, it contains an icon of the Father on the cover and explanation of the icon.

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