Thursday 6 February 2020

Multicam Soldier Rosary with a St. Joseph Medal - Rugged Rosaries - Product Review

Multicam Soldier Rosary with a St. Joseph Medal
With Copper Rosary Ring
Rugged Rosaries

I love a good Rosary. And I always have one on me, and one in my pack. A few years ago, my wife made me promise to stop buying new ones because I had do many. But I also tend to give a lot of them away. That is what happened in this case. I received this rosary to review. A couple of years ago I got a Black Armour of God Paracord Rosary from Catholic Milestones in Canada and love it. I also received a Spiritual Ammo Can from Roman Catholic Man which had a  set of WWI Battle Beads. Both have excellent rosaries. But after a recent post about breaking one of my favorite Pope Benedict XVI rosaries a few people suggest I test the Rugged Rosaries.

This was one of two I was interested in trying. The other being the Crusaders Rosary in Black and Red. I liked this one from the moment I opened the package. First it not only contained the Rosary, but also a sturdy carrying pouch. It also contained a matching copper rosary ring.

I took this one to church and had it blessed a few days after it arrived. And then I went out to visit a friend. He is currently in a wheelchair and to be honest had hands larger than mine. His face lit up when I showed him the rosary and he loved the heft, size and feel of it. Also, the finger rosary was large enough to fit his fingers. He has two others, but they do not fit all the way up his fingers. I felt prompted to gift them to him. And he was very appreciative. He also was able to test how rugged they actually are. A few days after he received it some stuff fell from the tray on his chair. He thought he had it all picked up until he heard a loud sound when he moved the chair. He ran over the rosary. It survived with out even a mark. These truly are Rugged Rosaries.

This was a beautiful rosary and as can be seen from the story above it is durable. I like the larger beads so I can pray it while walking in the winter. If their other products are as good as this, I have no qualms recommending them. Great Rosaries to pick up for yourself or as a gift for others.

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