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Fulton Sheen - Louise Merrie - CTS Biographies

Fulton Sheen
CTS Biographies
Louise Merrie 
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860827754
eISBN 9781784694661
CTS Booklet B745

Over the last few years I have read several books by and about Blessed Fulton J. Sheen. I have read about a dozen books in the CTS Biographies series and have been blessed and challenged by each of them. I have read over 100 books and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society over the last few years and have just as many currently on my reading wish list. There are hundreds of books in the CTS Biographies series, and many contributing authors. I believe this is the only one written by Louise Merrie, and it might be the only book Louise penned. I am thankful for this volume and it serves as a great introduction to the man, his life, and his ministry.

The book was originally published in 2012 with the subtitle of; ‘A dynamic Personality’ and the eBook edition and reprint done in 2017 with the subtitle of: ‘Evangelist of the Modern Age’. Both subtitles work and both describe the man well. The chapters in this volume are:

Sheen’s True Vocation Begins
Professor, Author, And Radio Presenter
Life Is Worth Living Television Show
Generosity With Time And Money
Devotion To Our Lady
Vatican II And Pastoral Work
War And Practical Advice
Psychoanalysis And Confession
The Mystical Body Of Christ
Priesthood And Prayer
Cause For Canonization

We see that Fulton’s Catholic identity was instilled by his family life and early devotion and practice. 

“Fulton’s family life gave him a strong Catholic identity. The Sheens prayed the Rosary together every night and priests came to visit once a week. Fulton became an altar server at age eight, and served at Mass in St Mary’s Cathedral in Peoria.

Fulton went to his parish elementary school, St Mary’s in Peoria, and graduated as valedictorian from the Spaulding Institute in 1913, a high school run by the Brothers of Mary.”

We are told that he knew he wanted to be a priest from a young age and that he prayed for a true vocation. We are told that one of the major influences on his life and teaching was Saint Thomas Aquinas:

“The major influence on Father Sheen’s philosophy was St Thomas Aquinas. St Thomas’ influence can be seen in Father Sheen’s emphasis on the importance of truth. Although a scholar, Father Sheen explained the teachings of the Church in a way that was clear and direct, that even people without any background in theology or philosophy could comprehend.”

The book follows his career from writer, to Radio and then to television. The book serves as an excellent introduction to the man and even concludes with info on his canonization process. It has an excellent bibliography for going deeper with books by or books about Fulton J. Sheen. Even though I have been reading about Sheen for a few years now, I was blessed to have read this little volume and highly recommend it.

This is another great read from the Catholic Truth Society, and excellent volume in the CTS Biographies Series.

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Fulton Sheen - Louise Merrie - CTS Biographies

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