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Astounding Frontiers Issue 1 July 2017 - Edited by Jason Rennie, David Hallquist and Ben Zwycky

Astounding Frontiers Issue 1 
July 2017
Edited by Jason Rennie, 
David Hallquist and Ben Zwycky 
Superversive Press
ISBN 9781925645064
eISBN 9781925645057

Astounding Frontiers Issue 1

I love reading anthologies to discover new authors. I picked this volume up believing it was an anthology. At the time I was unaware it was a short lived magazine with a run of 6 issues in 2017. Either way I am thankful I picked it up and have given it a read. 

The description of this inaugural issue is:

“Astounding Frontiers is a new pulp magazine from the minds at Superverisve Press that will transport you to far off worlds of adventure!

In our inaugural issue we have stories and serial from Dragon Award winners and nominees and many other great authors.

We have stories from Dragon Award Nominee Declan Finn, Patrick S. Baker, Lou Antonelli, Erin Lale and physicist Sarah Salviander.

We have the first instalments oc 3 serials. Nowither the follow up to John C. Wrights Dragon award winning Somewhither, Galactic Outlaws, from Dragon Award winner Nick Cole and Jason Anaspach and a rollicking adventure from Ben Wheeler called In the Seraglio of the Sheik of Mars .

Please join us in travelling to Astounding Frontiers!”

I will be honest I picked this up for two reasons. First Declan Finn is a contributor. I have read 50 books and stories by him in the last year and am now working my way through the 14 Anthologies he contributed to. Alternating from most recent to oldest and I believe this is the oldest. The second reason is I love reading anthologies to find new authors to pursue. There is often a stand out story or author I had not encountered that I then pursue often more than one. Some of my favourite authors over the years I encountered first in Anthologies. And this one did not disappoint. 

The sections and stories in this volume are:

The Death Ride of SUNS Joyeuse by Patrick S. Baker
Riders of the Red Shift by Lou Antonelli
According to Culture by Declan Finn
Stopover on Monta Colony by Erin Lale
Watson's Demon by Sarah Salviander

Nowither by John C. Wright
In the Seraglio of the Sheik of Mars by Ben Wheeler
Galactic Outlaws by Nick Cole and Jason Anspach

The contributors are:

And Cat Leonard is listed as Illustrator, I assume having done the cover art and rocket ship graphic used at the beginning and throughout the volume as a separator. This magazine was originally published by Superversive Press, which is now defunk. But Tuscany Bay Books arose from the ashes. They did not resurrect the 6 issues of Astounding Frontiers but did bring back into print the Planetary Anthologies. 

I absolutely love the piece by Finn in this volume, According to Culture, especially having read the 5 current volumes in the White Ops Series. This piece is well after the 5 current volumes in the series so it will be interesting to see if the stories in that world catch up over time. I really appreciated the nuances in The Death Ride of SUNS Joyeuse by Patrick S. Baker, and it reminded me of the works of Marianne de Pierres especially Peacemaker. Another great offering was Riders Of The Red Shift by Lou Antonelli.

I really enjoyed this volume. Some great stories and some that continue in the other volumes I suppose. If you are looking to give some new offers a try pick it up. Or if you are familiar with the contributors, I am certain you will enjoy their offer. A great read for a Saturday afternoon sitting in the shade with a cold drink. I can easily recommend this volume.

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