Wednesday 19 July 2023

World's Worst Time Machine - Dustin Brady and Dave Bardin - World's Worst Time Machine Book 1

World's Worst Time Machine 
World's Worst Time Machine Book 1
Dustin Brady
Dave Bardin (Illustrator)
Andrews McMeel Publishing
eISBN 9781524886905

My son and I had read the Trapped in a Video Game Books a few year back. We were both pretty excited about this new series when we found out about it. We had plans to read it together, but after reading the description I just couldn’t wait for my son to finish his current read. I jumped in and read the book over 2 days during my lunch at work. I could hardly put this book down. And look forward to rereading it with my son in a few weeks.
This story is another solid 5/5 stars. The description of this volume is:

“Liam Chapman cannot believe his good fortune. He just bought a real, working time machine at a garage sale for $3. Sure, it’s labeled “World’s Worst Time Machine,” but how bad could it be?
The time machine, as it turns out, is so much worse than Liam could have imagined. First, it summons Thomas Edison, but not that Thomas Edison. This Thomas Edison is a 10-year-old aspiring gangster from 1933 who demands to be called “Tommy Twinkles” and is also very interested in robbing a bank of the future. Liam could use some help from his parents here, but unfortunately, the time machine has kidnapped them both.
To set things right, Liam and his friend Elsa must embark on an adventure full of sci-fi gadgets, real-life gangsters, and a whole lot of Cheetos.
Bestselling author Dustin Brady has made a career out of crafting fast-paced, hilarious, and wholesome adventures that parents can feel good about sharing with even the most reluctant readers. Short chapters provide a sense of accomplishment for struggling readers, while the propulsive action keeps them invested to the final page. This new series adds real-life history to the formula, making it a fun, fresh way to teach history.”

The chapters in the volume are:

  Race Against Time
  The Mad Scientist Down the Street 
  Garage Sale of the Century
  World's Worst Time Machine
  Tommy Twinkles
  Thomas Edison Robs a Bank
  Plan D
  Liam the Liar
  Creepy Karpis and the Barker Boys
  Home Alone
  Frankenstein Santa
  No Funny Business
  Sweet Dreams
  The Button
  The Pit
  Abnormal, Paranormal, Supernormal
  Cats Are Spies
  End of Days
  Man of Genius
  Creepier Karpis
  Farkas Fracas
  Christmas Day
  Meet the Cast
  After-credits Scene

This is an excellent story. It is a real page turner. I could hardly put it down. It was a fun read from beginning to end, and the After-credits Scene sets up the next volume, or at least we can hope. The characters are masterfully written. The pace is breakneck. And the story just so much fun. This is definitely a volume reluctant readers will be attracted to. They will love reading it and, in the process, learn a bit of history at the same time. And I need to encourage you stick around for the extra credits scene like it was a marvel movie in theatres. 

Another awesome read from the pen of Dustin Brady. A great book for home or school library. A story guaranteed to entertain and in this case teach a little at the same time. 

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