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Life of Matt Talbot - Sir Joseph Glynn - Catholic Truth Society of Ireland

Life of Matt Talbot
Sir Joseph Glynn LLD

This is the second volume I have read by Sir Joseph Glynn about Matt Talbot, the first a little booklet, The Kingdom of Matt Talbot, was excellent and so popular the author was asked to write an expanded version. The edition I read was from a fourth printing in 1942, and the earlier booklet had already been translated into several languages and republished around the world. This volume has the Nihil Obstat from Reccaredus Fleming and an Imprimi Potest from Ioannes Carolus.  This volume also contains a number of block prints. photos or pen and ink sketches, a total of 8 interspersed throughout the volume. 

The description of this volume is:

“On June 7, 1925, Matt Talbot, a labourer, known only to a small circle of friends, fell dead in a Dublin laneway. Within a year, his marvellous life story was known throughout the English-speaking world; within two years it had been 'told in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, etc. In November, 1931, His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin (Most Rev. E. J.
Byrne, D.D.) initiated the Cause of his Beatification, the first, or ordinary, process of which is still proceeding.”

The chapters in the book are:

Introduction to First Edition 
The Cause of Beatification 
Birth and Early Life 
Growing In Holiness 
Labour Troubles 
The Daily Round of Prayer 
The Evening Prayer 
Fasts and Mortifications 
Circle of Friends: His Charity 
Illness and Closing Years 
The Growing Cultus 
Prayer for Canonization 
Pastoral Letter Of His Grace Most Rev. E. J. Byrne, Archbishop Of Dublin

The prayer for canonization also appears on the inside of the back flap of the book cover. The book also provides a list of 39 volumes that indicate the type and quality of books that Matt Used to read, discuss and trained himself by. Of interest to me as I have read a number of books about Matt now is that some of the books indicate multiple readings of different volumes about the same Saint or subject. I highlighted a few passages while reading this volume, but not many as my highlighting and notes have been extensive from other books on Matt you can check out the links to other reviews below. 

To date this is the most extensive volume I have read about Matt. I have one other and a couple of others I am still trying to track down. My fascination with Matt started with The Holy Man of Dublin: or the Silence of Matt Talbot by Alice Curtayne, and I have been hooked since. But I can state that this is the most complete version of his life I have read yet. It draws heavily from personal interviews by the author, of those who knew Matt, interacted with him, and first-hand accounts. It is an excellent volume and I can easily recommend it.

This is a book any Catholic could benefit from read. It will inspire and challenge readers of all ages. It is an excellent biography, and a continuation of the one that started it all. It is a story of overcoming addiction, and quietly living a deep devotional and prayer life, living to influence others by example, and occasionally work, and it is the story of faithfully living for God. An excellent read!  

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Books about Matt Talbot:
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