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Saint Andrew Patron Saint of Scotland - Lois Rock and Sophie Piper

Saint Andrew: Patron Saint of Scotland 
Lois Rock
Sophie Piper (Illustrator)
A Lion’s Children Book
ISBN 9780745948089
ISBN 0745948081

This is the fourth and final book in this series by Lois Rock I have been able to track down and read. I stumbled across this series while trying to find books on Saint Dewi, Rock has a volume called Saint David Patron Saint of Wales. I enjoyed it so much I tried to track down the other 3 in the series. These books are for young readers, but I have read all four of them and I have love them. Lois Rock who wrote this one also has books on George, Patrick and David. This one I had to order from across the pond, I could not find a copy in Canada. This is a short picture book on Saint Andrew Patron of Scotland, it was originally published in 2005. 

Description of the series is:

“A set of 4 books on the national saints of the British Isles, published simultaneously with Saint Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland; Saint Andrew: Patron Saint of Scotland; and Saint George: Patron Saint of England.”

The description on the back of the book states:

“Read the story of one of Jesus' disciples who became the patron saint of Scotland. Find out about the customs and traditions that are linked to his special day, 30 November.”

It is the shortest description across the four volumes, and does not make reference to the other three. Even though this was a short picture book I highlighted a few passages while reading it. Some of them are:

“According to ancient writings, Andrew went to Greece and Asia Minor and what he said convinced many other people to become followers of Jesus. For this, Andrew was put to death by order of a Roman ruler.”

“Strengthened by God's Holy Spirit, Andrew and the others were soon travelling to countries far and wide, telling people about Jesus: about how to live as friends of God, and about God's promise of new life.”

“An old tradition says that Regulus was allowed to take some of Andrew's remains on his travels. He finally landed in Scotland. On the rugged east coast he set up a monastery. The place where it stood is now called St Andrews. It is a little fishing port - a suitable haven for the fisherman disciple.”

“Over the years, Saint Andrew has become an import ant symbol for Scotland. In 1314, after Scotland's Robert the Bruce had defeated his English enemies at Bannockburn, he declared Saint Andrew the patron saint of his country.”

“In 1385, the Saltire cross on a blue background became the national flag of Scotland. The flag is used throughout Scotland now as a sign of all things Scottish.”

“Andrew is still remembered in churches in Scotland and around the world on his day, 30 November.”

There is also a wonderful Prayer:

“Dear God,
As Andrew recognized that he must follow
Jesus, may we follow what is good and right.
As Andrew kept his faith in time of trouble,
may we not let evil defeat us.

This is another wonderful little volume in a great little series. It would be a great addition to a home, school or church library. It was a blessing to track it down and give it a read and I encourage you to give it a try, I am certain it will inspire and challenge readers of all ages.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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