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Saint David Patron Saint of Wales - Lois Rock and Finola Stack

Saint David Patron Saint of Wales
Lois Rock
Finola Stack (Illustrator)
A Lion’s Children Book
ISBN 9780745948096
ISBN 074594809X

Finding books on Saint David of Wales of Sant Dewi has proven difficult. Of the six I have been able to track down only 2 are not for younger readers, children or picture books. But they have still been great reads. This is the second book for young readers I have read and I have loved them both. Lois Rock who wrote this one also has books on George, Patrick and Andrew. I have been able to track down 2 of the three.

This is a short picture book on Saint David of Wales, or Sant David Dewi, it was originally published in 2005. A few years ago I read Dewi Sant: St David Patron of Wales, by J.B. Midgley which started my interest in this saint. And my son found out this is the patron saint of his school Saint David’s in Waterloo, Ontario so I decided to look for more books about him. This was the first that I have read in that further study.

Description on the back of the book:

“One of a set of 4 books on the national saints of the British Isles, published simultaneously with Saint Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland; Saint Andrew: Patron Saint of Scotland; and Saint George: Patron Saint of England. Just who was St. David? When and where did he live? And how did he come to be Wales' patron saint? This useful little book covers all these topics, providing background information that all patriotic youngsters will be interested to know.”

Even though this was a short picture book I highlighted a few passages while reading it. Some of them are:

“DAVID WAS A PRINCE, born to a royal family. His father, Sanctus, was the son of Ceredig, & prince of Ceredigion in south-west Wales, and his mother, Non, was the daughter of a local chieftain. It was said that his family had a noble ancestry, and that David was related to the famous King Arthur.”

“Eventually David decided to devote his life to God. Together with his trusted companions, he became a missionary, travelling the hills and valleys where Wales and England meet. He helped people understand more about the Christian faith and how to live as followers of Jesus.”

“Wherever he went he was eager to set up monasteries. Here, men lived in communities and dedicated themselves to worshipping God and to farming the land so as to provide for themselves and to help those in need.”

“David was not so strict with people outside the community. The work the monks
did enabled them to be generous with the poor people wine lived nearby and to provide meals and lodgings for pilgrims and travellers.”

“David led the people wisely, but he refused to lord it over them. Instead, he continued to live as a monk in Menevia. One Sunday, he stood up to preach the sermon. ‘Be joyful. Keep the faith. Follow the example I have set, and do the little things that you have seen me do.’”

“David was made a saint by the pope in Rome in the year 1120, and his special day was declared to be 1 March, out of respect for the day he died.”

“His monastery in Menevia, St Davids, became a place of pilgrimage, where Christians would travel to spend more time thinking about their faith. Some came hoping for a miracle, for David’s remains were there, and it was believed that their holiness could cure illness.”

There is also a wonderful Prayer:

A Prayer Inspired by Saint David

Dear God,

Help us to turn away from the busy things of
this world and to think more about your love
and goodness.

Help us to work hard and to live simply so we
are able to help others.

Help us to remember to serve
one another, and to do the
little things that make such
a difference”

This is a wonderful little volume about this saint. Great for the home, school or church library. It was a blessing to track it down and give it a read and I encourage you to give it a try, I am certain it will inspire and challenge readers of all ages.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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