Thursday 12 January 2023

Product Review - The Holy Art Greek Icon’s and Crafts

Product Review

I wrote a piece last year about My Home Office and Den set up. We moved a couple of years ago and I have a separate room for my den\office. I also often use a photo of my desk and the icons around it as a header on facebook, twitter and other social media. I receive a lot of compliments about it and questions about the icons and prints. Over the last year I have added 7 more icons to the wall I face or the one behind me. Most of those seven were from The Holy Art Shop. The first few were ordered from amazon, and then after than several direct from their online store. They have been wonderful to work with. They made me one in a different size than normally available. I wanted one that would fit in and not dwarf everything I already had. They made one from a photo of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois. I have icons in a few different styles from them and they are all well-made and I appreciate them.

My current set up:

Some samples of icons from The Holy Art Shop. 

These are most of the icons I have from this company. I also have a Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Branden, and Saint Patrick. I have also given a few away from this company. These are great icons and very reasonably priced. I can easily recommend them.

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