Thursday 19 January 2023

Codename Winterborn - Declan Finn and Allan Yoskowitz - Last Survivors Book 1

Codename: Winterborn
Last Survivors Book 1
Declan Finn
Allan Yoskowitz
ISBN 9781482052329

This is the 25 volume I have read from the pen of Declan Finn, and only the second that is a collaboration with another author. I have read 24 of those in under the last year. I have been reading his works at a pace of about a book a week. It is an excellent read, and I am sorry the series has only two volumes. The description of this book is:

“After a small nuclear war in 2090, a third of the world is in ruins, along with the Western half of the United States. Three years later, intelligence officer Kevin Anderson and his team are sent to find the nuclear arsenal of the Islamic Republic of France. When his team is betrayed by the politicians who sent them, Kevin is out for blood. Hunted by an army, Kevin must kill the Senators before the next team is sent to their deaths.

Without resources, or support, it's almost certainly a suicide mission. But Kevin will gladly make this sacrifice, for his codename is Winterborn.”

It has a bit of a feel of a mashup of Jack Reacher, the Punisher, the Equalizer and MacGyver. And it is a greatly entertaining read. Kevin’s team is wiped out. He survives and vows vengeance. Not even he is sure if he can pull of the mission he has set for himself. But he will either complete the tasks or die trying. He is up against the Mercenary Guild, private actors, and more. 

Kevin Anderson has some very specific skills, skills the government paint to train and hone. Then a subset of that government sold out his team. His background:

“Lt. Kevin Michael Anderson. USMC Codename: Spartan. SEAL Codename: Winterborn. CID Codename: Nemesis. Airborne Rated, Ranger Qualified. Mossad Certified: Urban Warfare Specialist. Marksmanship Medal. Other Medals Classified. Current Status: Classified.”

And as he faces the final target on his list:

“Kevin Anderson looked down the barrels of the shotgun without fear or worry. He had known from the beginning that as long as he made certain the last member of the committee was dead, his life or death wouldn't matter.
 And in my dying / I'm more alive/ than I have ever been/ I will make this sacrifice/ For I am Winterborn. The shotgun closed with a snap. Kevin's breath came in ragged gasps. Hell, it hurt to breathe... “If I die, it's gonna be with my teeth in your throat.”

 “I don't think you can do that without a skull to fit the teeth into,” Kirk answered conversationally, right before he fired again.”

And he encounters Kyle Elsen the last master assassin, and possibly the last member of the assassin guild. He is exiled and find a new home. A home he will fight for. Kill for. And He will not rest! Amazing characters, excellent story arc, and a break neck pace.

This is another excellent read from the pen of Declan Finn. It is my first encounter of the works of Allan Yoskowitz, and I believe his only other is the companion volume to this Codename: UnSub. For fans of the Saint Tommy I am certain you will appreciate Kevin. Think a Jason Bourne who was raised Catholic and holds his beliefs as central to his being. An excellent read I cannot recommend this book enough!   

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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