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The Activated Disciple 40 Day Challenge Journal - Jeff Cavins

The Activated Disciple 40 Day Challenge Journal
ISBN 9781950784110

This volume was one of three resources I started using after ‘The Bible in a Year Retreat’. They were:

The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level
The Activated Disciple 40 Day Challenge Journal
The Activated Disciple Course 

I will be honest it took me longer than 40 days to work through the three resources. I had several resource3s planned for Lent and fell behind on this one. That being said, it is an excellent book, and when paired with the other two resources is exceptional. The description of the book is:

“The Activated Disciple 40-Day Challenge Journal is essential for each participant and small-group facilitator of The Activated Disciple, which is a clear, step-by-step transformation program that will help you become more like Christ as you cultivate the eight characteristics that mark the life of a disciple:

     1. Love
     2. Forgiveness
     3. Humility
     4. Patience
     5. Selflessness
     6. Kindness
     7. Attentiveness
     8. Contrition

The Activated Disciple 40-Day Challenge Journal Includes...

     • Lectio Divina
     • Situational Awareness in being observant for opportunities to evangelize
     • Check-ins in prayer with the spiritual help of the saints and touching base with an accountability partner
     • Time set aside to reflect on the "shape of your day" with a daily examen.

This Challenge Journal is just one part of the program.”

And the chapters are:

Accepting The Challenge  
Reflecting On The Challenge  
These chapters line up with the sections of the Online or DVD course.  There are several packages available from Ascension that includes this product, but I believe you cannot buy just a physical copy of the book, which I consider a drawback, especially if you are doing this course as a group. You can purchase a physical and digital copy paired. This book is part of several packages from Ascension. They include a physical and digital online copy of the book, ‘The Activated Disciple: 40 Day Challenge Journal’. All the way up to ‘Activated Disciple Starter Pack’ which includes digital access for a year, 2 DVD’s of the lessons, a digital and physical copy of this book and physical copy of the book ‘The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level’. The beginning of the journal states:

“Congratulations! You are on your way to taking your faith to the next level. This Activated Disciple 40-Day Challenge Journal will help you move from simply believing and practicing your faith to radically living it.

Every day is a new opportunity to walk with Jesus and discover aspects of him and yourself that you would not otherwise come to know. Fully participating in your relationship with Jesus will truly make a difference in your life, assuring both growth and fruitfulness.

This journal is a tool to keep you focused for forty days on the One who will bring about the transformation you really desire. Change in your life, whether it be growing in virtue, stopping bad habits from flourishing, or gaining wisdom for life’s many decisions, comes from repeatedly meeting Christ, the source of infinite love, wisdom, and protection.”

The Journal  also states:

“Before you begin the forty-day challenge, be sure to read The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level, by Jeff Cavins (Ascension, 2018), as much of what you will be doing in these next forty days flows from the pages of that book.”

One of the best parts of the Journal is the Pre-Challenge Assessment and the Preparing for your Forty-Day Challenge, You answer several question and make a sort of covenant for your time usage, and with an accountability partner, to committing to the 40 days. The format of each day is:

Lectio - Read
Meditatio – Meditate
Oratio – Pray
Contemplatio – Contenplate
Imitatio – Imitate
Spiritual Awareness
The Shape of My day
     1. Express Gratitude
     2. Seek Grace
     3. Review the Day
     4. Ask for Forgiveness
     5. Look Forward
And a check box for “I Lived Day # as an Activated Disciple”.

I used adaptive technology and listened and read along with the book. Both this Journal and the book are written in Cavins engaging manner. It is exciting to read, and doing so over time with the journal forces you to really slow down and interact with the material. The journal is well written and one that covers some great material that is very important for Catholics today. We need to really know what we believe, how to share it, and fully live it out. This is a great resource for helping us grow in that. The journal is an excellent resource for doing the course reading with the book, or just as a tool itself. 

It is an excellent resource from Jeff, and from Ascension Press. I recommend this journal to all Catholics.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

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