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False Friend - Andrew Grant - Detective Cooper Devereaux Book 2

False Friend
Detective Cooper Devereaux Book 2
aka Andrew Child
ISBN 9780399594328
eISBN 9780399594311

This is the eighth volume I have read by Andrew Grant, actually it is the sixth  by just him, I have read the two he wrote with his brother Lee Child, published under the name Andrew Child. I believe Grant has 9 books published under the name Andrew Grant, and two contributions to anthologies. He has also contributed to one anthology as Andrew Child. I picked a few of his books after reading Even. I have enjoyed both his offerings in the Reacher series, and also now enjoyed the books I have read in his own series. I only have three volumes left to read written under this name.

I believe Grant has three series and a standalone novel. I decided to read the series in parallel, I have been reading a book in each series and circling back. I am certain I will read all the books he has published under this name and have read two thirds of them I hope he continues these series as well as taking up the penmanship of the Reacher novels.

I stated in a previous review that I had not known that Andrew Grant was Andrew Child and had read this story; I would have stated that it reminded me a lot of the Reacher novels. Except that David Trevellyan if still active duty for the Royal Navy and home office. But his style, panache, and focus are similar to Reacher’s. The same could be said for Detective Cooper Devereaux. And other that he is still actively a police officer even greater similarities. 

Part of the description of this book states:

“An arsonist is targeting schools in Birmingham, Alabama—with devastating effect. Detective Devereaux—a man you can’t quite trust and should never ignore—must put a stop to the elusive pyromaniac’s reign of terror before more damage is done. Or worse, before students’ lives are lost. But as Devereaux sifts through the ashes of the case, a grisly discovery at a burned-out school sends the investigation spiraling in a new, terrifying direction. The detective and his partner are dragged into a nightmare world by revelations of gruesome rituals, the disappearance of local citizens, and allegations against city officials of shocking crimes that stretch back decades.
With innocent lives on the line, progress is hampered by friction between the police department and the FBI, and interference from factions of the local underworld complicate matters further. Devereaux doesn’t make excuses for his willingness to work outside the lines, but just as he needs to be at the top of his game, he’s rocked by echoes from his troubled past that threaten to engulf his daughter and girlfriend and fracture the fragile foundations of the life he’s only recently begun to rebuild.”

Cooper does not always follow the rules. But he always seeks to get the bad guys and protect the innocent. He has a storied past, and in this story that past catches up to him and there are secretes unravelled in the case he is working, that reveal things from his own past. He has a long unknown daughter in his life, and a new relationship with an estranged flame. He realised that he has others he cares about. Photoes, notes and ledgers are being left with his flame. And it is clear someone is irther trying to cause Cooper to be convicted or blackmailed. And all of this while someone is burning down schools.

A lot of  readers of this book would make comparisons to Reacher, especially if they are aware of the author’s legal name. But Cooper is a different character and the story told in a different manner. I greatly appreciated seeing into Devereaux’s mind, process and thought patterns. Watching him put the pieces together and figure out what he is going to do about it. But at the ends of this story there are several loose ends. And Some of Cooper’s past is closing in around him. 

This story was hard to put down. I stayed up again many hours later than I should have on a work night to finish the story. I devoured it over 2 days in a few different sittings. It is an excellent read. One of my favourites from Grant’s pen from those read to date. If you love a good crime, suspense, thriller with great action this is a book for you. I am certain fans of Reacher, Bourne, Jack Ryan would all appreciate Cooper and how he gets the job done. It was another great read from Grant’s pen! 

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