Saturday 30 July 2022

That’s Pretty Clever! - Wolfgang Warsch - Ganz Schön Clever

That’s Pretty Clever!
Ganz Schön Clever

This is another game my brother and his wife introduced us to. He has an epic game collection (see photo at bottom). Every time we are at their place, or they are at ours several games get played each day. This is another one of our favourite games they have introduced us to. We have several iterations of this game both as physical games and on iPads. The versions on the iPads were excellent while we were in the hospital after my son had spinal surgery. My brother loves the games by Wolfgang so much they bought a German edition of the third in this series and used google translate to figure out the rules. We love all of the Clever games that we have played. Each new iteration gets more complicated. And some have extra packs or cards or cards with different layouts but I have yet to be able to track them down in Canada.

The contents of the box:

1 Scoring Pad 
6 Dice
4 Felt Tip Pens
1 Rule Sheet
5 Pack of Coloured Pencils

The set up and game play is easy. But there is a lot of options, and with completing different things in different coloured sections, you earn rewards. The rewards can be a reroll, an extra dice at the end of a round, a few dice of specific colours, or mark spots in zones. You have all 6 dice to  start your turn roll and pick. If you leave any lower than you pick they go to the silver platter. All remaining go to the silver platter. Opponents get to pick one from the platter.

This game is easy to learn. It does require strategy, but also a little luck on the rolls. It is an excellent Roll & Write game. We enjoy it and the others we have in the Clever series, both as a physical board game and on a tablet. You can also use the tablet as a score sheet.

A great game for a family game night or hanging with friends!

Note: If you are local to Kitchener Waterloo you can get this and many other amazing games, puzzles and more at J & J Cards and Collectables! And you can check out my brothers game related posts via Linktree.

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