Saturday 16 July 2022

Product Review - Second Change Game

Second Chance

My brother has an epic game collection (see photo at bottom). Every time we are at their place, or they are at ours several games get played each day. This is one of our favourite games they have introduced us to. We actually picked up a copy from them because they had both versions of the game. The Beige cover is the original edition and the black cover is the current version of this game. We enjoy this game so much we have purchased 4 or 5 copies and given them to friends and family. And we have an excellent set of Mont Marte Premium Woodless Watercolour Pencils (which we have given to a few friends with the game) we use when playing this game. 

The contents of the box:

56 Cards
1 Pad of Grid Sheets
1 Rule Sheet
5 Pack of Coloured Pencils

The set up and game play is easy. There are 13 Starting cards each with 8 squares, each player is dealt one and must place it so it is covering the centre dot on the grid playing board. There are 3 Overview cards that show you all the possible pieces from the 40 Puzzle Cards. The puzzle cards are shuffled and split into 2 piles, one at a time is flipped over from each pile. You must play one of the 2 cards. If you cannot play you call ‘second change’ and after everyone else has gone, you flip one more. If you can play you keep going. If you cannot then you are out. You count the uncovered squared after one of the three game ending options:

1. All players have dropped out.
2. The Deck runs out of cards.
3. Someone completed the whole grid.

Game play is quick and easy. You can also easily visit or chat while playing. The game takes minutes to learn. But every time you play it will be different. Because we use a wider variety of coloured pencils the sheets often look like stained glad after the game is done. 

We have played a number of games by Uwe Rosenberg and enjoyed them all. But either this or Patchwork is my favourite. I can easily recommend this game for family game night or friends hanging out and visiting. And it's an excellent game!

Note: If you are local to Kitchener Waterloo you can get this and many other amazing games at J & J Super Store! And you can check out my brothers game related posts via Linktree.

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