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More Harm Than Good - Andrew Grant - David Trevellyan Book 3

More Harm Than Good
David Trevellyan Book 3
aka Andrew Child
Theseus Books 
ISBN 9781478250913

I have now read the 9 novels published by Andrew Grant, and the two he co-wrote to date with his brother, Lee Child, as Andrew Child. I believe he has a few short stories published in anthologies under the name Andrew Grant and one under Andrew Child. I have enjoyed all of his books that I have read; and would love to see him continue this and his other two series. It is sometimes hard for me to read the last book in a series that has been stopped for now. Especially if there are characters I really like. And Trevellyn is a great character.

There are some readers who would make comparisons between Andrew’s and Lee’s writing styles. And there is a certain similarity. But Trevellyn is not Reacher and Reacher is not Trevellyn. Yes there are some similarities. But enough that both series are great to read.  I stated previously that “if I had not known that Andrew Grant was Andrew Child and had read this story, I would have stated that it reminded me a lot of the Reacher novels. Except this time David Trevellyan if still active duty for the Royal Navy and home office. But his style, panache, and focus are similar to Reacher’s.” This story starts sometime after the others. It begins on foreign soil as Trevellyn does his work for the Navy. But he receives a head injury. Because of that injury he wakes up in a hospital in London and most of the story takes place in and around the hospital or in and around London from that point. The main plot is missing or possibly missing radioactive materials. And The Navy loans David to MI5 after he injures one of their operatives at the hospital. There are a number of surprising twists and turns in the story. And as usual a lot of action with Trevellyn kicking a fair bit of butt and putting several people in the grave.

The description of this book states:

“Don't mess with a tough guy with time on his hands. Especially if you have secrets to keep.

A head injury requires a mandatory health check. That's Naval Intelligence's standard procedure. Covert operative David Trevellyan doesn't like procedure. But he goes along to get along. He agrees to a hospital stay and an MRI. Then someone steals his boots. Mistake. Trevellyan decides to keep himself in the hospital until justice is served.

His bosses don't share his priorities, so - in trademark fashion - he takes matters into his own hands. The trap he sets slams shut with ruthless efficiency. But Trevellyan finds he's caught more than a thief. He's stumbled into a complex, multi-layered conspiracy designed to cause incalculable diplomatic damage.

For the first time in his career Trevellyan must operate in his home territory. He approaches the task with his customary vigor. But between criminals on one side and regulations on the other, he's more isolated than ever. And as a virtual stranger in his own land, with the body-count rising and his time running out, he's soon facing the soul-searching question: Is he doing MORE HARM THAN GOOD?”

This story was the third novel published by Andrew Grant and wrapped up the David Trevellyan trilogy. It is a decade old now and is still a great read. Some spy crim thrillers do not age will. This one has aged very well. It could just as easily be set today. Grant wrote a standalone novel after this series and then another trilogy. Each of his three series was written and then he moved on. He is currently focusing on the Jack Reacher novels with his brother. But I hope at some point he might return to Trevellyan, Devereaux, and McGrath. I can easily recommend this book, this series and all of Grants novels.

Many readers would make comparisons to Reacher and if I was push to, I would say it is a more polite and subtle version of Reacher. More akin to Reacher’s nephew Jake in Diane Capri’s Hunt for Reacher novels. David Trevellyan does not lack strength, skills or smarts. In fact he might be off the chart for skills and smarts. He also is short on empathy, but that is what makes him so good at what he does. He has a job and he will do it to the best of his ability, or die trying. In this one he has to make several difficult decisions with life altering impacts for others.

This story was a great read. I have now read all of Grant’s works. If you want an excellent crime thriller with great action this is a book for you. I am certain fans of Reacher, Bourne, Jack Ryan, would appreciate David and how he gets the job done. As I have read all of the volumes published under the name Andrew Grant, I can only hope that he returns to some of the characters and series he started before he started co-writing the Reacher novels with his brother. All the books published as Andrew Grant predate that collaboration.  A very entertaining read, a thriller that keeps you hooked till the very end. 
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