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Sagrada - Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu - Floodgate Games


Mobile Sagrada

 This has been a favourite game for a few years now. My brother has an epic game collection (see photo at bottom), and he introduced us to this game and the mobile app version of the game. My brother bought us the base game and the three expansions. And we have a nearly continuous game on the go on the mobile app.
The expansion packs are: 

Sagrada: Life Expansion (Hardships and Helps)
Sagrada: Passion Expansion
Sagrada: 5&6 Player Expansion
Sagrada: 2020 Promo Pack (Window Cards)
Sagrada: 2022 Promo Pack (Window Cards)
Various other Promo Packs and Special Edition Window Cards

The base game is a draft and place dice game. So both a drafting and puzzle element to the game. You are attempting to build a stained glass window. The word Sagrada actually means sacred. As a family of 5 both my brothers family and ours love the expansion for up to 6 players. The base game contains:

• 90 Translucent Dice 
• 4 Player Boards 
• 12 Window Pattern Cards 
• 12 Tool Cards
• 15 Objective Cards 
• 1 Dice Bag 
• 1 Round Track 
• 4 Score Markers 
• 24 Favor Tokens 
• Rule Book

Game play begins with each play being dealt a person objective card. Then they are given to Window Pattern Cards that are double sided, and they pick one. Based on the difficult you receive between 3 and 6 favour tokens. After each play has chosen their window three communal objective cards are picked and three tool cards. The Tool cards are used for modifications, moving placed dice, swapping dice, changing their value … Each round 1 more dice than the number of plays is selected from the bag, rolled, and selected. You must not match colour or number to any adjacent dice. You have to play adjacent or diagonal to any placed dice. The 20 spots on your play board are either free spaces, colour specific or value specific. You draft dice around the table and back, and any dice left over go to the top. 

The game is easy to learn and very fun to play. You can be cutthroat and try and block other players, or more laid back and just focus on your own. We have taught a few other couples the game and it is always a hit.

The mobile version from Dire Wolf does not yet have an expansions available. But it does have a great solo play version and daily challenge. You can play against the AI, friends, or open games in the community.

Note: If you are local to Kitchener Waterloo you can get this and many other amazing games at J & J Super Store! And you can check out my brothers game related posts via Linktree.

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